Proud to be part of a life changing industry

Real Life Sciences is proud to be part of a life changing industry that improves the health and well-being of people across the world, and provides hope and inspiration.  

To celebrate the successes of the industry we work in we spoke to our clients, candidates and our own recruitment specialists to hear the stories that have impacted their lives, and those around them, and to share their passion for the life sciences industry.

Proud to be part of a life changing team

Tom Way, VP at Real Life Sciences, shares why he is proud to work in the industry that saved his 3 week old son's life and the impact of sharing the visions of those he works with.

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Drawing on experiences to drive the industry

Joy Cressot, Principal Consultant at Real Life Sciences, France talks about the passion and determination she’s seen first-hand in the industry.

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A shared passion for making a difference

John Mumm, former Senior Director at ARMO BioSciences, talks about his incredible journey to improve cancer treatments and about sharing his vision.

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Dedicated to the industry that saved my son

Olivier Kerckhove, Director at Real Life Sciences, France and Benelux explains how a 1 in 66,000 experience changed his outlook and makes him proud to be part of the life sciences industry.

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