Working with Real Life Sciences

4600: the number of specialists Real placed in the last year

So that we can provide the best service possible we also ask a few simple things in return. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship after all and we want you to succeed as much as we do.

Our commitment to you

  • We will treat you with honesty, integrity and transparency
  • We will be accessible and available; returning calls and emails in a timely manner
  • We will provide full and constructive feedback throughout the application process
  • We will not put forward your details without your strict permission
  • We will offer our time, understanding and industry expertise fully and freely
  • We will provide a pro-active, personalised and targeted approach to your job search
  • We will use your information confidentially and only request and share information relevant to your job search
  • We will provide timely and relevant feedback to everyone invited to interview
  • We will provide you with a resource to evaluate and comment on our service to you

Your commitment to us

  • You will keep us up-to-date throughout the recruitment process and let us know of any changes in your circumstances
  • You will honour any commitments given to Real and our clients
  • You will be committed throughout the recruitment process
  • You will act honestly and with integrity at all times
  • You will attend interviews/meetings as agreed, or let us know if you are unable to do so within a reasonable timeframe
  • You will be available throughout the recruitment process to answer any questions or respond to feedback where reasonable
  • You will provide open and honest feedback throughout the recruitment process