Functional Service Provision (FSP)

Real Life Sciences’ FSP service has been developed to ensure organisations across the life sciences industry are able to successfully deliver their projects to time and budget. By sourcing and placing our specialists in-house, it allows businesses to integrate experts into existing systems and processes.

We work on a case-by-case basis to create project teams that match the exact requirements of your project, covering short-term individual resourcing gaps through to longer-term, fully-staffed projects.

At the heart of Real Life Sciences’ FSP service is our network of experienced industry professionals, working across the industry’s core functions. Our size and reach means we have access to the very best talent anywhere in the world.

How we deliver and ensure success

The flexibility of our FSP service means that each solution is entirely bespoke. During the proposal stage we will:

  • Set out project governance
  • Issue resolution and performance measurement
  • Establish a clear process during the briefing
  • Establish a Service Level Agreement.

You will have access to a Project Manager who will coordinate your project, provide comprehensive updates and manage all aspects of the project implementation.

We understand that adaptability is important. Even if the original scope of the project changes we will ensure that your new requirements continue to be met, and how involved you need to be in the candidate selection process is up to you.

The benefits of using Real Life Sciences’ FSP service

Cost reduction and efficiency

With its tactical use of experts and specialists, using the FSP solution means there can be significant cost savings when compared to fully outsourcing the project.

Team members effectively become part of in-house operations, even though they are not employed by you. The upshot is you have more time to focus on the tasks at hand rather than on administrative support.

Quality control

FSP staff will be fully integrated into your team, working in partnership with your existing teams. This allows for a high degree of control over project delivery, and ensures project monitoring is simple and transparent, to match your operating culture, standards and processes.


FSP is highly flexible. It can be implemented for projects of varying scales, and can match your company’s priorities whether they are budgetary, quality, or timeline. Resources can also be scaled up or back down, depending on the real-time requirements of the project.

To find out more read our FAQs or alternatively download the full brochure