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Real Staffing’s Top 5 Innovative Digital Health Consumer Apps

The ever-growing Digital Health industry is proving to be one of the most innovative divisions within Life Sciences. With a focus on delivering the future of healthcare into the modern day, digital healthcare support is more readily available than ever. We spoke to Real Staffing’s Digital Health recruitment team to find out more about some of the most ground-breaking Digital Health consumer apps on the market.

How Digital Health has developed patient healthcare

By 2024, the global Digital Health market is expected to reach $379 Billion. With the industry growing at such a fast pace, it’s allowed for the development of consumer-facing products to support patient healthcare and lifestyles. I At Real Staffing, we pride ourselves on partnering with clients who are continuously working to improve the lives of consumers and patients by using digital technologies to make healthcare support available to everyone.

According to Anjam Khan, Digital Health consultant at Real Staffing, ‘Within the digital health landscape, there are certain companies on the cutting edge of innovation within healthcare solutions. Each business listed below has a unique offering and passion to both change lives and transform the industry.’


IESO  are at the fore front of digital health. By offering online cognitive behaviour therapy, they’re able to instantly support people dealing with mental health issues from a secure, digital space. #InspiredByYou is at the heart of everything Real Staffing does, and IESO are a perfect example of how we adopt the products of our clients within the company culture. All Real Staffing employees have access to IESO as part of the company benefits package, and this is due to their inspiring product that benefits the entire Life Sciences industry. 


In today’s digital world, a simple Google search gives us access to a huge amount of confusing and misleading healthcare information, and it can be difficult to find the most relevant information. . Studies have shown that 90% of private healthcare patients choose their doctor after reading reviews, and Doctify have uniquely positioned themselves as the go-to guide for finding the right doctor. The app offers a transparent and informed platform that allows patients to make tailor-made decisions. This also supports the industry by promoting doctors and healthcare professionals to an engaged network of new patients. Sarah Ongley from Doctify tells us, ‘Doctify wants to empower people to take things in their hands and be proactive when it comes to their health’. 


Sensyne support both sides of healthcare with their monitoring systems. Their ‘SEND’ product is designed to assist with clinical decision making in hospitals by automatically calculating early warning scores. The app also acts as a digital charting system for vital-sign observations. However, it’s their line of products aimed at consumers which is why we’re inspired by the work they do to benefit patient healthcare. Air pollution is linked to over seven million premature deaths every year. Sensyne’s ‘CleanSpace’ product is a mobile app that can measure air pollution using geo-tags of polluted locations. This can aid medical research, or even personal exposure clarity for polluted hotspots. As a business who have a history of supporting Diabetes awareness, Sensyne’s ‘GDm-Health’ app was very important to Real Staffing’s #InspiredByYou ethos. By improving patients lives by offering a prescribed digital management tool to monitor blood glucose levels, this app provides a way for patients to still have the freedom from hospitals, by being in control of their own healthcare.

Perfect Ward

Putting patient care first, Perfect Ward deliver clear and quality support for clinical inspections. Their app has removed the need for long admin processes for nurses, so they can provide better care for patients. Perfect Ward provides a clear view of data, quickly identifying issues within hospitals, and instantly developing improvements.


The Digital Health industry has revolutionised healthcare by making patient’s lives easier. Echo works alongside the lifestyles of patients, by automatically tracking repeat prescriptions. In conjunction with keeping patients informed on when to pick up new prescriptions, the app also offers reminders on how and when to take medication. This allows prescribed medicines to be delivered directly, so patients can spend their time without having to worry or take time out of their busy lives.

How these apps can change healthcare

With consumer-based apps like these, we’re still only seeing the beginning stages of an evolving industry. Digital Health has become a breakthrough market where patients can support their lifestyles, as well as providing transparency and availability to improving their own healthcare. 

If you would like more information about job vacancies within the Digital Health industry, get in touch with a consultant today.

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