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Essential skills for entering Biotech

With smaller Biotech companies leading the majority of innovations within Life Sciences, Biotech has earned it’s reputation as one of the most exciting areas of Life Sciences to work in. We decided to take a look at some of the hiring traits that Biotech companies are looking for in their recruitment process.

Reasons to work in Biotech 

In a nutshell, biotech is when medicines are created using live organisms such as bacteria or enzymes. In 2014, the Biotech industry’s global market capitalisation reached $1 trillion. Advancements within innovation and a rise of investments has increased the popularity of the Biotech industry as an area people want to work in.  This bustling sector has created the need for global conferences and platforms for industry leaders to share world-changing ideas and healthcare benefits. However, with such popularity for jobs, we’ve seen a highly competitive job market. For those wanting to work in Biotech, experience alone may not be enough.

The Biotech job market 

Biologics is proving to be one of the most in-demand areas of the industry, contributing to 52% of the top 100 pharma product sales by 2022. To thrive in industries like these, a drive for innovation, strategic planning, creative problem solving, and strong business acumen are essential skills that hiring managers look for. With such fierce competition for jobs, having the right technical experience is only the first step towards finding a job within this ground-breaking industry. Hiring managers will be looking for candidates who can demonstrate an understanding of legal regulations, as well as those who can contribute to a strong team dynamic that nurtures creative developments. More than any other transferable job skill, your interpersonal skills are likely to be a huge factor in determining whether or not you get a job in most industries; this is a hugely important trait within the Biotech industry. Most candidates’ technical experience is of a high standard, so soft skills can be a huge deciding factor for hiring managers. If a candidate is going to be working on a life-changing new product, a company needs to know that each member of the team can work effectively in a team environment. The need for strong communication skills is why it’s important to network with specialist recruiters within the Biotech industry, from the initial stages of a job search. Real Staffing can be found every year at international Life Sciences conferences, and these have proven to be a great platform for meeting the leaders of the industry.

How to get started in the Biotech industry 

At Real Staffing, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders of recruitment within the Biotech and Pharma space. Thanks to the excellent relationships we’ve established with hiring managers, our team have developed an in-depth understanding of what Biotech companies are looking for from new candidates. New candidates can benefit from Real Staffing’s consultancy approach. Our service aims to prepare you for interviews, and develop a deeper understanding of roles and hiring traits of the interview managers. We strive to provide candidates with professional feedback to further develop their opportunities within one of the most exciting industries to work in.

If you’re interested in a career in Biotech, view our current vacancies here.

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