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SThree’s consulting Belgium invest in your development

At SThree (a group of brands of which Real is part of), the development of the skills and knowledge of our consultants is very important. That’s the reason we constantly work with our senior/expert consultants to provide training to share their expert knowledge.

Recently Fabio Pagano delivered our first internal training in Bioprocess at our office in Brussels. Fabio joined Real as a Life Sciences consultant 2 years ago. Through Real he had the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects at various (bio)pharmaceutical companies. Today Fabio has over 16 years of experience within the biopharmaceuticals industry, GMP regulated and project environment. The training he gave is part of his desire to be more involved in developing the consultancy part of the company and to not just work on client projects. Fabio is always willing to share his expertise with our other consultants and SThree is happy to give him that opportunity!


Importance of Biotechnology in Belgium

With more than 140 biotechnology companies in Belgium, the Belgian biotechnology companies accounted for 16% of Europe's turnover and almost 10% of R&D expenditure. The development of the biotechnology sector in Belgium has created several biotechnology clusters comprising universities, companies and organisations active in the biotechnology industry. (Source :

During this training we covered different subjects within life sciences and biotechnology:

  • The main differences between chemical and biological API
  • Biological drugs overview
  • Bioprocess consideration
  • Bioprocess industrial examples
  • Biomanufacturing plants

In addition to the great learnings and insights our consultants took away from the training it was also a good opportunity to develop their network.

The SThree consulting division

Over the last 4 years SThree has set up a consulting division. We employ experts in various fields of expertise such as IT and Life Sciences. Our consultants work with our top clients in Belgium. The way our experts can be made available to our clients represents a special and flexible way of deploying personnel. 

Experts working on assignment is the best choice when a professional is looking for security and variety at the same time. It is also the right decision for companies that want to be flexible and be able to adapt their need for qualified specialists at short notice.

In contrast to the employment of freelancers, we guarantee 100% protection against false self-employment.

What are the advantages of our service?

Stability and security

  • Equal pay entitlement: fixed salary and competitive additional benefits (paid leave, company car, health insurance…)
  • Continued payment of wages in case of illness compared to freelance

Pipeline of projects

  • Versatile and exciting projects at various companies
  • Career development in your field of expertise

Continuous trainings

  • Development of professional competences
  • Investment in training on an ongoing basis. Whether it is at consultants initiative or
    our client’s initiative.

Interested in joining our team of experts to work on exciting missions within the life sciences sector? Don’t hesitate get in touch with Mathilde Stichelbaut by phone +32 (0) 25 57 7184 or email [email protected]

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