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AI innovations that could shift our world 

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Every day news outlets are packed with stories updating us all on what’s being done to combat the coronavirus – and it can be difficult to keep up. And while much of the focus lies on healthcare and life sciences industries to establish a long-term solution, experts in technology are also playing a massive part in developing advancements.  

There has been a lot of talk about how tech experts are helping to keep people connected by maintaining IT infrastructures, but there’s also innovations that are creating proactive and forward-thinking solutions to attack the virus in various stages. 

Getting creative with AI solutions 

As the worlds of science and technology come together, we thought we’d explore some of the specific areas where technology is combating the pandemic – and in particular, how artificial intelligence could shift our path. Giving us access to highly complex knowledge and data patterns, AI can provide solutions to help in so many different aspects.  

1. Testing & diagnosis 

One of the biggest areas that AI has the potential to impact the pandemic is to improve testing and diagnosis processes. All over the world, different companies have been using AI and machine learning to create smarter methods of testing that can support local and global healthcare organisations. 

Many of these advancements have already been created and are already actively supporting the cause. And every day, as technology moves and transforms our world at such a pace, news of new artificial intelligence innovations are being reported on.  From apps on smartphones created to help people carry out their own tests at home, to various healthcare tools designed to support frontline diagnosis – there’s so many tools in various stages of development right now. And with AI experts across the globe using their skills to support safe testing at various points, these technologies will likely become more advanced, more accessible, and more regular. 

2. Tracing 

AI is already being utilised to track the spread of the virus in different ways from country to country.  

More recently, news of upcoming tracking apps has been hitting the headlines across the globe. Various tools using AI have been suggested to help trace the movement of the virus as countries prepare to move out of lockdown and social distancing measures become more relaxed. 

This insight will give so much intelligence to healthcare organisations and world leaders who can assess patterns and respond accordingly when it comes to decisions regarding social distancing and also treatment methods and hospital preparation.

3. Finding a solution 

AI is not only helping us to test and trace human behaviour – its also helping to proactively map DNA patterns to support a long-term solution. Technology is in flight that can study the DNA and structure of the virus and then recommend potential appropriate treatments.  

AI drug discovery could also unlock potential opportunities to repurpose existing drugs that may provide viable solutions. With a vast amount of biomedical research conducted on chronic diseases over several decades, AI can empower researchers to sift through this information and locate viruses with similar elements. Applying this intelligence can help to guide researchers on the path to finding transformative solutions. 

AI expertise leading the way 

As always, artificial intelligence and machine learning is transforming the way our world operates – and right now, it’s playing a more critical role than ever before. Not just for businesses, but for societies all over the world, these skillsets are vital. 

Artificial intelligence skills remain highly in demand and this situation only emphasises the importance of investment in these areas. It’s crucial that we all understand the value of nurturing and developing skillsets like AI in order to prepare more people to combat the problems of tomorrow. 

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