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What's the next step in your career?

Real Staffing is dedicated to helping you take the next step in your career and will support you throughout your recruitment experience. We'll speak with you on a regular basis to discover what motivates you, where your passion lies and what your future career goals are. Based on this, our consultants are able to put you forward for the job that best matches what you're looking for. View the latest opportunities now.


The first steps in our recruitment process

Step 1 - Search our jobs and apply

Check our newest jobs and find the job that matches your career ambitions. Can't find a job at this moment? Share your CV here and we'll get in contact with you when we have a job that matches your profile.



Step 2 - We review your application

One of our expert consultants reviews your application and contacts you when your expertise and skills match the job requirements.

Step 3 - We contact you

If we don't know you yet, we definitely want to get to know you. We will be setting up a conversation where we're going to discuss what your motivations and ambitions are for the job.




Step 4 - The perfect match

You then stay in touch with your specialist consultant to make sure that everything goes well in your new job.

Our disciplines

Real Staffing supports talent in finding the next opportunity in their career. We specialise in Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices, Food and FMCG.

Our recruitment consultants work in teams within these disciplines and are specialised in their niche market to support you and your career.

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Our services


Real Staffing is proud to be part of the STEM industries and support organisations committed to driving growth and solutions to improve the lives of people across the world. 

Understanding our candidates’ motivations and the work that our clients are doing is core to placing the right people in the right roles and contributing to the continued growth and development of the industry in which they work.

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War for talent in STEM industries

03 Aug 2022

We are currently witnessing a talent shortage in the STEM sectors (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) resulting in an increase in competition. What are the causes and what could be the solution in attracting the talent you need?

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20 Jun 2022

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Knowledge for growth 2022

12 May 2022

We are pleased to announce that Real Life Sciences will attend the 18th edition of the Knowledge for Growth event in Ghent (Belgium), one of the most popular life sciences conference in Europe.