Pharma HR Excellence Summit | Barcelona

Don't miss Real Life Sciences’ Tom Froggatt, Head of Life Sciences & Digital Health Practice, as he presents 'Defining and delivering cultural goals' at the upcoming 3rd Annual Pharma HR Excellence Summit 2016, taking place from the 20th-22nd September in Barcelona.


Culture is key to the success of any organisation, but few companies are exhibiting clear, defined cultural goals which sit alongside their business objectives. Join Tom as he discusses:


  • How to set relevant, innovative cultural goals
  • Building a talent acquisition strategy to achieve your cultural goals
  • Identifying opportunities for counter-cultural hires
  • Mining alternative talent pools
  • Embracing risk
  • Cultural goals in practice: Real Life Sciences’ case study

Unable to attend the conference? Register now to receive a copy of Tom’s presentation following the conference.


Meet the team


Our team of dedicated recruitment specialists will also be on-hand throughout the conference with all the latest career and recruitment advice. Visit the Real Life Sciences’ stand for a one to one career or recruitment consultation.


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