How has AI impacted business relationships?

With the uncertainties of the impacts of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) proving to be a popular topic for the future of employment, it’s pivotal to remember the importance of human contact in business relationships. Ricky Evans and Elliot Shankland from Real Staffing discuss the positive impact of face-to-face contact to their business relationships.

The impact of A.I on employment

In recent years, technological advancements such as A.I, have created both excitement and fear of the unknown technological advancements within the workplace. Much like its predecessors, these developments can improve progress at the cost of redundancy to the labour workforce. The economy typically favours the most skilled and adaptable employees who can work alongside the advancements in technology. In the recruitment industry, A.I may provide the benefits of detailed algorithms to match skilled professionals based on their work experience data, yet studies have proven that the necessity of human contact, will remain an essential part of business relationships.

The science of human interaction in business

One of the strongest arguments for A.I is that it can never replace the nature of humans. Studies have shown that face-to-face communication is 20% more effective than video-to-video communication. Professor Albert Mehrabian’s studies on communication have shown that words account for only 7% of a conversation, tone of voice accounts for 38%, and body language accounts for 55%. 

These are traits that cannot be accurately replicated, and are some of the most important pillars to building rapport and trust. Elliot Shankland, Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Recruitment Consultant at Real Staffing, explains; “From experience, our customers always prefer and appreciate that we take the time to meet and develop more of a personal relationship as opposed to a transactional relationship from phone to phone.”

The opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals

Finding the time to strengthen face-to-face business relationships in today’s fast-paced lifestyles is harder to maintain than ever. There are infinite possibilities of innovation if the leaders of industry are able to meet and collaborate without time restraints. Luckily, Real Staffing pride themselves on bringing skilled people together, which can be seen at our networking events. The relaxed environment of these meetings allow leaders of the Life Sciences industry to meet and share ideas. Ricky Evans, Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Recruitment Consultant at Real Staffing describes; “We aim to meet all our customers within our medical affairs and pharmacovigilance network. This way we can develop a deeper understanding of our customers, allowing us to keep up to date on market innovations, trends and changes which helps to add value to the pharmaceutical industry.”

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