Is React taking over as the JavaScript library of choice?

Over the past six months, React has grown significantly in popularity, establishing itself as the JavaScript library of choice. This could be because it’s simple to use, easy to understand and is supported by one of the biggest tech giants on the planet. Whatever the reason, React is making a splash in the JavaScript world. We spoke to Rachel Kettlewell, Principal Recruitment Consultant at Real, to discover some of the biggest reasons developers are reacting with this library.

It’s easy to use

React an open source JS library that writes with old school JavaScript and is constructed by HTML, which initially appears a lot easier for developers. According to Rachel, “React has pushed the boundaries of UI; it’s easy to comprehend and work on – these are undoubtedly two contributing factors that have led towards this shift for developers.”  

Contractors are shouting about it

Contractors are going into companies and really enjoying working with React – this is creating a buzz. They’re being very vocal about their love of React and it’s creating waves. Rachel explains, “The fact that contractors enjoy working with this library doesn’t go unnoticed by companies. The more contractors are vocal with companies about their enjoyment of working with the library, the more companies will be enticed to adopt this way of working.” 

It’s challenging Angular

Since its inception in 2010, Angular has dominated the front end development landscape. Created by Google, the framework had a large platform from the outset and soon became the JavaScript framework of choice.

While Angular certainly won’t be disappearing anytime soon, React is proving a force to be reckoned with. According to, by the end of 2017, React was receiving seven million downloads a month, compared to just over one million downloads for Angular. This is impacting recruitment, as Rachel explains, “We’re seeing an increasing amount of contractors wanting to work with React rather than Angular, which is certainly driving the future direction of the industry.”

It’s developed and maintained by Facebook

While Angular was developed by Google, React was created by Facebook. Anyone can take the initiative to create a JavaScript framework, but support from a company of this size offers React a platform that libraries or frameworks created by independent programmers could only dream of. This exposure allows React to reach more developers and is undeniably a contributing factor to its success.

The growing popularity of React is undeniable. Whether you’re a developer looking for your latest opportunity or a business seeking talent, Real are here to help. Take a look at our job search page to find out about the latest React roles we have on offer. Or if you’d prefer to speak directly to a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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