What do Quality Assurance jobs pay?

Across the pharma and biotech space, it’s well know that there’s a lack of skilled professionals to fill quality assurance jobs. And as more pharmaceutical companies than ever are increasing investment in quality assurance activity, quality assurance jobs are being created every day – but when you’re working in the space, do you really know what quality assurance salary you should expect?

Increased demand for quality assurance professionals

For high caliber Quality Assurance professionals, there’s a huge amount of opportunity within permanent and contract markets – but when it comes to job quality, what’s best for you? Where do the best pharmaceutical Quality Assurance jobs sit? Where can you find the best pharmaceutical Quality Assurance salary in the UK? Do you need to think about opportunities in quality assurance vs quality control?

While the sector may be moving towards a rise in contract, it’s been recognised that there simply aren’t enough full-time permanent Quality Assurance professionals, specifically Qualified Persons (QPs), applying for permanent quality assurance jobs.

If you’re applying for Quality Assurance jobs, you’re operating in a candidate-driven market, meaning you have the power to design your career path. Many perceive contract work as complex, project-based, and more highly-paid – but is this necessarily the case? What can you expect from a permanent pharmaceutical Quality Assurance salary in the UK? We’re here to answer your questions.

What type of quality assurance jobs are you looking for?

Before you decide which Quality Assurance jobs you want to apply for, it’s important to really know what you’re looking for, and understand what rate of pay you should expect. That’s why we’ve put together our Salary Survey – so that we can find out more from professionals across the entire life sciences space.  

If you’re interested in really finding out your worth – then why not fill out our salary survey? We don’t just offer you exclusive insights into Quality Assurance jobs and quality assurance salary insights, we’re delving into the entire world of pharma and biotech, as well as medical devices markets.

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance salary insights

When you fill out our survey, you’ll be among the first to receive our completed report, which is full of insights on a full range of topics – such as job mobility, career motivations, and of course pay and salary expectations. We'll also cover key insights on issues such as quality assurance vs quality control. So, whether you’re a Quality Assurance manager interested in finding out about pay rates, or a Quality Engineer wanting to discover insights on where the best opportunities are – we have something for you.

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