Capital Investment in Healthcare

In recent years, the UK has seen funding cuts to the public sector. However, a list of 20 new capital investment projects worth a total of £853m has been announced. The announcement of the 20 projects is part of a series of recent government announcements, designed to show its commitment to increasing NHS funding.

How will the spending be used?

After nine years of UK austerity, key figures within the NHS welcome the investment to improve patient care across the country. More than £675m will be used to build new hospitals and wards. One of the main areas of focus is investing in mental health and primary care across the North, Midlands and East of England.

£177m has also been allocated for London, the South East and South West. Almost £100m of that sum is planned to be spent on building a new women’s and children’s hospital at the Royal Cornwall Hospital site in Truro.

With an investment of this scale, the UK government are determined to display their increasing commitment to NHS funding.

Where will see this investment first?

Greater Manchester are one of the featured cities to receive an investment of 72.3m to build a new adult mental health unit.  Luton and Dunstable have seen an investment of £99.5m for a new hospital building to provide improvements in intensive care, delivery suite, and operating theatre departments.

Birmingham plan to improve outpatient treatment and diagnostics services from a £97.1m investment.

With a lot of NHS staff hoping that this promise is the sign of a longer term investment plan for the NHS, this stands as a positive development by the UK government.

How can Real Staffing help support UK institutions?

With a history of supporting the NHS, Real Staffing’s healthcare team are determined to utilise this investment by providing the best candidates to help build on the new developments in the NHS infrastructure. With a focus on patient outcomes, this stands to be a positive step for the future of UK healthcare

Get in touch with our NHS team if you’re looking for advice on how we can help develop your strategies for the future.

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