Real Staffing partner with Charity I.T Leaders

After a year of taking over the Real Staffing’s charity team, Real Staffing’s Conor White, announces his team’s gold sponsorship with Charity IT Leaders, and how together they can support IT professionals working within the charity sector.

Why is this partnership so important?

Real Staffing pride themselves on bringing skilled people together to build the future, and Conor explains in the video below that ‘our goals are very much aligned’.

Charity IT Leaders provide a network that nurtures and develops the next generation of IT professionals, and this collaborative approach resonates with the strategy of the charity team at Real Staffing.

What’s next for the partnership?

Real Staffing’s charity team will be exhibiting at the Charity I.T Leaders October annual conference and will be looking at ways to help members of the organisation position themselves for their next roles, as well as offering their insight to how other charities are hiring professionals within the sector.

Conor, and the charity team will also be attending the December Quarterly Meeting to meet more members of the Charity IT Leaders network.

Get in touch with our Charity team if you’re looking for advice on how to become a part of Charity IT Leaders and work with Real Staffing.

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