Top 5 in-demand jobs in Life Sciences

Life Sciences is at the forefront of the rapidly changing world stage, and while Pharma and Medical Devices are integral to Life Sciences, it’s important to understand that there are very different challenges in each of these areas which are changing the landscape of demand. Below we have highlighted some of the most in-demand roles in the current market in the UK and Ireland within each area of Life Sciences.


In Pharma there is a big demand for contract roles within the manufacturing space which is no surprise given the need to cope with the upscaling of production and of vaccine testing and treatments.

Jobs/skills in demand

  • Quality Assurance (QA) professionals – RP
  • Regulatory Management
  • QA/QC and Engineering/Validation
  • Gene Therapy experience
  • CMO’s/ Manufacturing

While it has been business as usual for a number of life science businesses to ensure non-COVID related drugs are still in the process of commercialisation. We have seen companies who don’t necessarily work on vaccines or Diagnostics working together to tackle COVID-19. These companies, along with Biotech’s like Oxford Biomedica, Novabiotics, and many more, have been able to support the government during these challenging times.

Medical Devices

Within Medical Devices, different areas are driving demand, a lot of companies are shifting their  production to produce ventilators and with the relaxation in the FDA regulations this has enabled these companies to deliver these products much faster to cope with the demand. In addition, in order to manage and cope with this rapid change, we’re seeing an increasing need for Project Managers to oversee all of this. However, on the quality front we are seeing a reduction in demand for these roles, as MDR regulations have been paused till next year and clinical trials are being put on hold, with some hospitals stopping them all together to provide maximum support on fighting COVID-19.

Jobs in demand

  • Engineering/Technicians
  • Production Managers/Engineering Managers 
  • QA/RA management
  • Project Managers
  • Product development: Embedded / Electronic / Software Engineers

Within digital health, we are seeing lot of work and resources going into digital health applications, like symptom tacker apps, GP/Clinician to patient virtual support apps and mental health support applications. So we expect to see an increase in skills required to build these apps, such as software developers/engineers with Python, Fullstack and React experience.

We expect to see many major pharma companies ramp up manufacturing production, while medical device companies shift their focus to testing kits ventilators and digital health apps. At Real Staffing we sit at the heart of STEM recruitment, as a Life Science recruiter, we have seen a change in the market landscape and demand within the UK and Ireland over the past few months. We’re here to support you during these times and if there is anything we can do to support your recruitment needs or if you have the skill sets that are needed to get through these difficult times, please get in touch with us.

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