How the COVID-19 pandemic can be an opportunity for contractors and permanent employees  

A virus is keeping the world on tenterhooks, causing a global lockdown and bringing the economy to its knees. If you follow the news daily, it is difficult to find positive aspects in it. But there is positive news: many companies are desperately looking for specialists professionals who work in STEM sectorsWe recently spoke about the most in demand roles in life sciences and the benefits of contract recruitment, and now seems like a great opportunity for both contractors and permanent employees with these specialist skills and experience.   

Why the STEM sector is more in demand than ever  

It is an undeniable fact that major crises can accelerate developments that have already been initiated. If we look at the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, it is clear that many companies haven’t invested enough in their own digital infrastructure. Some companies are even being forced to expedite their plans in order to enable their workforce to work remotely. Currently, all companies who focus on developing digital business models or have digitally transformed large parts of the company are at an advantage.  

Professionals working in the STEM field were in demand before COVID-19, and now that demand is set to rise again. After all, many companies have now realised that they need  to react quickly and therefore need the specialist skills and expertise of these professionals 

What can contractors do now?  

As a contractor, you are in the unique position of being able to choose your clients freely and to schedule your working hours to suit. However, in crises contractors are usually the first to have their assignments cancelled or postponed. For some, such a loss is initially a shock as it means an immediate loss of income, but you are in a great position being so flexible and adaptable. Below are some pointers to make you aware of what you can do in times like these: 

  • Use your freedom and actively look for new clients now. Even though the shutdown has hit many companies hard, there are still many companies that are still looking for talented professionals from the STEM sector. 
  • Try to find new projects – Real Staffing will support you, just reach out to one of our recruiters on LinkedIn or search our website for our live roles and projects.  
  • Contact your network of recruiters and previous employers and actively ask if they need support. It doesn’t hurt to suggest how your clients can benefit from your expertise now.   
  • At Real Staffing our consultants can reach out or target companies where you have previously worked to see if there are any current opportunities on your behalf. 
  • Take the crisis as an opportunity to become aware of your own demands and goals. Define for yourself where you want to be in two years. This will give you new motivation.   
  • Always remember: a pandemic is only a temporary state. No matter how long it will last.  

What can permanent employees do?  

Those who are permanently employed benefit from a regularly paid salary. But even in a permanent position, the COVID-19 situation can and has led to restrictions. In the best case scenario, employees aren’t made redundant or employers use the government assistance schemes currently available to futureproof their businessBelow is some advice on what permanent employees can do in times like these: 

  • Use the time to reflect on your current professional situation and career goals. Are you satisfied with your job, regardless of the current situation? Are there any goals you want to pursue?  
  • Invest in your own personal development, look at developing new skills like management skills or upgrading your technical qualifications- there are so many online tools and courses out there which can help you. 
  • It does no harm to keep your eyes on the market conditions to work out where demand is pushing and pulling this will help you identify what transferable skills you possess. You can search our website to find the latest open positions or speak to one of our consultants to understand what is happening specifically in your sector. 
  • It’s important to remember - there are companies that aren’t affected by the coronavirus or are only affected to a limited extent, therefore are still looking for Life Science specialists. 

Regardless of whether you are a contractor or a permanent employee in the STEM sector: it is always a good idea to be thinking further ahead and where you’d like your career to take you. When the time is right, our experts here at Real Staffing will support you. We still have many vacant positions and projects, and many companies that are keen to find contractors and/or employees in the STEM sector.  


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