STEM Story: medical devices professionals protecting our planet 

Right now, we’re living in uncertain times. Across our world, many organisations are facing temporary shut down in an effort to protect our people. But what about those who simply cannot down tools? Those whose work is critical to fighting the pandemic and discovering solutions? 

Within our team, we’ve been supporting multiple businesses across various areas of the life sciences space. Businesses that are working tirelessly to combat the current situation. And we wanted to shine the spotlight on one of them in particular. 

Finding skilled talent in the right place 

Thanks to Joseph StorkeySenior Recruitment Consultant at Real Life Sciences, we were able to use our specialist expertise to help a medical devices company find a highly talented professional with the niche skills to aid their mission. We’d worked with this particular client on numerous placements in the past, explains Joseph, And it was earlier on in the year, before the impact of the pandemic had really hit any of us, that we were asked to help them out once again. 

Understanding project needs 

Back in January, Joseph visited the factory of the medical devices company to get to grips with their current project and discover exactly what it was the hiring manager was looking for. At this time, the pandemic hadn’t hit, and the scope of the project was somewhat different. Joseph explains, It was a challenging job specification for sure, with some really niche skills in demand, so I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me! 

Our client is a medical devices plastics manufacturer – and the work they do is critical. Joseph knew that he had to find the perfect person, This is a really specific job – the skills are incredibly niche, so I couldn’t settle for someone with gaps in their CV. It’s the quality engineers’ responsibility to be checking the quality of the external plastics for things like syringes – they have to make sure that every detail is checked and fit for purpose so they’re readily equipped to house life-saving drugs. 

Joseph continued, ‘Having worked with this company before, I understood the quality of their product and knew it was vital to find an exceptional candidate. I also had an appreciation for their reputation and knew that this was a fantastic career opportunity for a quality engineer. 

Creating connections 

Eventually, Joseph was able to find a highly skilled professional and the hiring manager was delighted. However, since Joseph’s first visit to the factory, things across the world have taken an unprecedented turn.  

When I first found out about the project, the world was in a very different position. However, as times gone on throughout the recruitment process, the situation has evolved significantly. It goes without saying that the work that this individual is going to be doing has become even more vital than it was before. 

Like everyone else in the world, the factory has shifted its focus to address the current situation. Their work is front and centre in the fight against the pandemic. Joseph explains, ‘Unfortunately, we’ve seen that many businesses across different industries are having to offer reduced services and even shut down operations for a while. But for this business - and many other medical devices manufacturers - it’s the completely opposite. Right now, our client is working relentlessly to provide safe, compliant, and actionable solutions that can drive real impact.’  

More important than ever 

According to Joseph, At the moment, the candidate I found is just finishing off his notice period. When he starts this new position, he’s going to be thrown into the midst of helping this company in work that really is helping to save lies. The value he’s going to add is obviously huge and I think this proves why, as a recruitment consultant, its so important to fully understand the market you’re working in. It’s vital that we’re able to help businesses find true specialists to support their needs. 

‘I’ve got so much respect for the resilience and determination our client is showing at this time –I’m thrilled we’re able to continuing supporting clients like this on such impactful projects.’ 


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