A look at the Life Science labour market during the global pandemic 

At this particular time, the labour market is highly subject to change. SThree, our parent company, carried out global research into the changes in the markets in which we operate. We spoke to customers across a range of industries, about their current employment policies and what their expectations are for the future. In the article below we shine the light on the Life Sciences sector and provide insight into global labour market trends.

The Life Science Sector as a focal point

The Life Sciences sector is undoubtedly the focal point during the COVID crisis, which means that the demand for specialists remains high. In most cases, no changes can be seen in the recruitment of personnel. In the future, talent scarcity will remain a challenge as some clients have been hit by deprioritised medical procedures, as COVID-19 becomes the main treatment priority. For example, suppliers to elective surgeries have seen a
temporary, but immediate decrease in demand as they await the evolution of the crisis before returning to full production.

The most sought-after specialists of the moment

The survey shows that QA and production specialists are in high demand, as are pharmacists and supply chain professionals who can pave the way for scaling up vaccinations and treatments. In many countries, pressure on digital health services has increased, increasing the demand for healthcare technology experts. 

Partly due to the closing of borders in some countries within Europe, there is an additional focus on local knowledge and networks to fulfill the open positions. 

Stability in food and supply chain

There is virtually no change (less than 1%) in the number of QA and control engineer vacancies in the food & beverages industry; indicating that the food industry has remained relatively stable throughout the pandemic.

Life Science specialists will continue to be in demand, especially now that companies have to deal with challenges in new ways, and are trying to redesign current projects.

Recovery of the market to the new normal

The decline in global demand is undeniable. But there are signs of hope. Where the Life Sciences sector was already the centre of attention, the market is quietly growing, as many specialists are still needed for vaccines and scaling up of production. In addition, technological developments such as automation are being accelerated in order to make working from home the 'new normal' where possible.

In the broader STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) market, it seems as if candidates with multiple qualifications and IT knowledge, particularly data scientists and software developers are in demand.

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