How maintaining relationships and building trust allows recruitment to thrive

It’s one of the biggest challenges when it comes to recruiting talent within the life science space – helping businesses with unique requirements find the highly skilled, yet incredibly niche professionals they need to bring their projects to life. And this is something that Patrick Remmert, Associate Client Relationship Manager based in Stuttgart, Germany, experienced recently.

Patrick was recently working with a market leading company in the medical devices space - and it’s fair to say that the professionals they hire aren’t exactly the easiest to find. ‘As this business continues to grow, there’s a constant need to source experts within numerous niche fields – this means finding people who have experience in mechanical engineering as well as some really specialised technologies’, explains Patrick, ‘for some of their most specialist profiles, the number of people in the DACH region who have the right skillset is miniscule.’

Understanding the specific needs

According to Patrick, ‘It would be fair to say that the requirements of this particular business presented a whole new challenge to us – both in terms of the quality and scarcity of professionals available.’

Patrick and his team have worked with this company for a while - however, earlier this year, like many other companies, the business put a pause on hiring. He said, ‘Obviously this isn’t good news for anyone, but sadly a lot of our customers are having to take numerous precautions to navigate their way through the pandemic.’

However, Patrick was confident that his team had the ability to support this business at a challenging time, ‘I was confident that once they were ready to resume hiring, our specialist approach and knowledge of the medical devices market meant that we were best placed to help them come out stronger and more resilient than before.’

But understanding the market was only one part of Patrick’s job. He knew that truly getting to know your clients, as well as their potential candidates, was the key to helping businesses discover the right solution, ‘We understood what our client needed  - we knew the specifics of this business unit, the vital nature of the projects within it, and the scope of the roles needed.’

Staying connected

Throughout the hiring freeze, Patrick stayed in contact with the hiring manager so that he could be kept in the loop about any changes to the skillsets needed.

Alongside this, Patrick also made sure he was keeping in contact with medical devices professionals that he knew had the right skillsets for this project.

Patrick explains, ‘I believe that it’s equally as important to keep connected with potential candidates as it is with our clients. These positions in particular are incredibly specialised, and its key that we deeply understand the specific skillsets of the individuals we speak to. We also have to build trusted relationships with them in order to understand how we can support each candidate’s unique career goals. Only by understanding what both parties are looking for can you create the perfect match.’

Creating connections

Just four weeks later, the medical devices company reached out to Patrick and asked for his support in sourcing a large number of additional roles. ‘Because of our dedication, market knowledge, and deep understanding of their business needs, we were able to assist instantly and connect them with a number of highly skilled professionals for the project – within just a couple of days of reaching out, this business began hiring again’

Communication is key

‘At Real Life Sciences, we believe that maintaining relationships with all of our partners is crucial – and this story clearly demonstrates the impact this can have on the businesses we support.’, explains Patrick, ‘Thanks to the incredible work of my team, this client was able to move forward with a critical project and we were able to help them find a range of specialist R&D professionals that had the skills to make an impact.’

Patrick explains, ‘It really is all about teamwork – and I’m so proud of my team members Johannes Kolb and Yannick Ben Addi – by working together and adopting a committed attitude, we were able to make a difference for our client.’

Patrick’s story highlights the importance of maintain consistent relationships with the businesses and partners we support. When this is done right, we really can bring skilled people together to build the future.

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