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Every day, we work alongside truly inspiring people who use their skills to make a difference – by creating connections between people and businesses, we’re enabling organisations within life sciences to change the world. Right now though, our planet is focused on protection. And we’re here – ready, willing, and actively playing our part by supporting businesses that are playing a critical role in a continuously evolving situation.  

Supporting the life sciences  

As a result of the work of David GoodmanSenior Recruitment Consultant at Real Life Sciences, we were recently able to support a medical devices organisation playing a vital role at the moment. This company are currently using their resources to create coronavirus diagnostic testing kits.  

David met with this particular client back in October, when the world seemed a different place entirely. At that time, the hiring manager was eager to shift the focus of his business from a contractor-centric operation, and hire a number of permanent employees within his quality assurance team. 

Honesty, transparency, and industry expertise 

After a few monthsfilling these roles became a matter of urgency and it was critical that the business found the right people with skills to excel. According to David, At Real Life Sciences, we pride ourselves on really understanding the hiring landscape of the markets we specialise in. I believe its crucial that we use our knowledge to offer informed advice that helps our clients to refine their hiring strategy – it’s really important to be transparent. 

David advised him that finding a high quality permanent employee with the exact skillset he needed was going to present a number of challenges. However, if the hiring manager was to consider taking on a contractor instead, this could be a better route, He took my advice and we ended up finding an excellent QA contractor with all the skills to do this job a niche specialism. 

Discovering opportunities  

Just a couple of months later thoughDavid noticed that his client required some additional support, After every placement I try to visit the site and make sure everything is running smoothly. As soon as I entered the factory on this occasion, I was happy to see that the contractor I’d placed was doing a great job. But instantly noticed that everyone was running at full capacity.”  

David knew that something needed to be done, and so he spoke with the hiring manager to see if there was any way he could help. In just a few weeks, David managed to find another highly skilled quality engineer to support the company in their mission. 

Overcoming challenges 

By observing a challenge and noticing an opportunity to provide a solution, David was able to utilise his life sciences recruitment expertise to help the company increase the resource they need to support their important mission. 

Tom Way, UK&I Director, said, ‘ “Bringing skilled people together to build the future is our purpose at SThree, and David absolutely lives and breathes that. By using keen initiative, he’s helped a company to continue delivering services that are going to protect the world during such a difficult time. 

Thanking our people 

According to David, “The QA engineer I placed is classified as a key worker. While many contractors are able to work from home depending on the specifics of their project, she can’t. Every day she’s going into the site and using her expertise to help ensure the quality of these diagnostics kits. She is one of the unsung heroes at the forefront of this pandemic who is using her skills every day to help protect the world. On a personal level I am overwhelmingly inspired by her and incredibly proud offer my support.  

Right now, all over the world, we’re constantly reading opinions deeply rooted in uncertainty and apprehension. But amongst this, communities are also experiencing a great deal of inspiration, pride, and overwhelming gratitude. Gratitude to those people who are going above and beyond to make a difference, protect our world, and save lives. 

Making a difference 

David explains, “To know that we’re supporting a team whose work is actively combating the impact of COVID-19 is really quite humbling. I think we all understand that increasing the volume of tests available across the world is vital for a number of reasons, and to be partnering with a client whose contribution is helping to track the spread of the virus and protect societies all over the world is why I’m so proud to work for Real/SThree today.” 

So far, the client’s testing kit has been shipped out to more than 80 countries over the world – the impact of the work they’re doing is clear and they are actively helping to keep people safe. 

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