COVID-19 Governance and Nursing: Myth vs. Reality

In our latest webinar 'COVID-19 Governance and Nursing: Myth vs Reality', our expert panel discussed various elements of governance and nursing. Topics included clinical governance; data protection and information governance; safeguarding for both children and adults and cross-departmental collaboration, within the context of COVID-19. Below you can catch up on what was a fascinating webinar!

Our panellists included:

  • Gilbert George - Executive Governance Consultant
  • Alan Lowe - Information Governance & Data Protection Specialist
  • Richard Miller-Holliday - Assistant Director of Nursing, Quality and Performance
  • Nicola Ayres - Associate Director of Safeguarding
  • Carol Richardson - Safeguarding Specialist

Watch the recording to hear our panellists' answers to questions such as:

  • What changes have been made to healthcare processes as a result of the pandemic?
  • What were the warning signs of the pandemic and were the necessary contingency plans made?
  • How can data and information governance help us move forward?
  • What safeguarding measures have already been put in place and what does the future of safeguarding in healthcare look like?
  • How has the switch to remote work impacted healthcare professionals?
  • What is the new dawn of clinical governance?
  • How can we get back to BAU?

Watch the recording here

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