Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered your most frequently asked questions below, although if you wish to speak to us directly, please do get in touch


What is contract recruitment?

Contracting has become very popular over the past few years,across several industries.

For companies contract recruitment is a great solution to resolve temporary and flexible staffing needs, as well as manage project workloads.

Contracts are commonly signed with independent workers and last a set period of time, e.g., a few weeks or months. After the end of the contract, the contractor has no further obligations to the employer and vice versa.

What services do you have in place for contractoring?

At Real Staffing, we have a dedicated and compliant contractor care team who provide a comprehensive time sheeting and payroll process.

Contact us to find out more on our to contractor offering today! 

What parts of the UK&I do you cover?

We have offices in the following cities which service the whole of the UK and Ireland.

  • Dublin 
  • Glasgow 
  • Leeds
  • Manchester 
  • Bristol 
  • Birmingham 
  • London

We also have offices around the world which can find here.

What sectors and industries do you cover?

We focus on the Life Sciences, Public Sector, IT and Engineering sectors. You can find out more about what we do by clicking on the button below: 

Our Sectors

What are your terms of business?

As terms of business can vary, we recommend reaching out to us for more specific information.

Do you provide graduates?

Our core business centers around the provision of mid to senior level professionals into STEM however, if you need guidance in early career recruitment then please reach out to us and we can discuss this with you.

Do you do executive search?

Yes, we have specialist teams who are dedicated to placing jobs for senior level roles and executive jobs, including C-Suite.

Our consultants provide a confidential service and work on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out if you are looking for a senior leader for within your company.

Do you have an online timesheet system?

Yes, we do. We have a sophisticated time sheet system that is built in-house which allows our customers to automate a significant amount of logging time and invoicing. Contact us to find out more about our Workflow system.

Can you provide contractors on a statement of work?

As a key enabler to programme success we believe in working in close collaboration with our clients. We ultimately work as an extension to the client project team. Our service focuses on creating clarity in the work schedule that our team is expected to deliver. Clarity is evidenced in the form of a SOW created between the client project team, our project leads and our in-house project support team.


Hundreds of available jobs

  • Data Project Manager Manchester, England, United Kingdom Contract
  • Head of Quality & Compliance Birmingham, England, United Kingdom Permanent
  • Contract Test Manager England, United Kingdom Contract
  • Quality Design Engineer England, United Kingdom Permanent
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