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Public sector data: the hunt for a single version of the truth

Real Public Sector together with leaders from across the public sector recently took part in a roundtable discussion on 'Public Sector data: the hunt for a single version of the truth'.

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Virtual Interview Guide

Since the pandemic, virtual meetings have become a part of our everyday life. We've put together this Virtual Interview Guide to help you excel at an interview to clinch your dream job.

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Remote Hiring Guide

In our 2021 Remote Hiring Guide, we’ve put together key tips to help improve the perception of your brand and how you can establish a smooth hiring process remotely.

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2019/20 Medical Devices Salary Report

2019 was a critical year for medical devices, with the United Kingdom & Ireland facing significant impact. Access our Salary Survey and Employee Motivations report for the Medical Devices sector and get direct access to: 

  • Job security and market trends
  • Retention and talent attraction trends
  • Migration and relocation information
  • Salary and hourly rate checker

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Finding the right people to navigate the pandemic

Read our 2020 report offering insights into the global labour market trends across core STEM industries. 

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2019 Pharma and Biotech Salary Report

Have you often wondered if your salary or pay-rate is appropriate? Curious to find out what you could earn in another role, location, or industry? Check our study to find out how your salary and benefits benchmark against the market.

The report also reveals important trends in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and gives you information on which criteria you should consider when looking for a job.

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Quality Assurance Career Guide

When it comes to defining the direction of your career, how do you know which route is right for you? In this 2019 guide we explore the landscape of the marketplace for QA professionals.

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