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Real Life Sciences offers a wide range of recruitment services that match your needs. With a global network and extensive local market knowledge, we are here to help you exceed.

Meet our dedicated team working in the Pharma and Biotech industry.

Charles Breen

Associate Director

With almost two decades of recruitment experience in Japan, Charles has run highly successful teams across permanent and contract recruitment. These teams have won awards for their outstanding customer focus and first-rate professionalism. Real has become a leading brand for the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Life Sciences markets in Japan. Charles is especially proud of the team he’s built over the years, ‘With our strong local team of expert consultants, we will continue to raise the bar until we are the number one recruitment company for each of our clients and candidates.’

Junsuke Iida


Junsuke is a specialist in helping talented professionals unleash their potential in up-and-coming biotech companies. He leverages his decade of experience in the Japanese Pharma/Biotech space to identify the right technical skills and personality traits that match the needs of lean and fast-paced biotech companies. Through his career in recruitment, Junsuke has supported well over 100 candidates change their job, and has successfully executed several recruitment projects, including MR group retainers, GM searches, market mapping projects, rolling retainer projects, market entry support, etc.

Junsuke is passionate about talent development, and has 6 years of experience building, leading, coaching teams specialized in the Japanese pharma, biotech, and CRO space. Junsuke’s current mission is to lead the Real Life Sciences Pharma/CRO team to become the No.1 talent partner company for our selected partners in the industry.

Sneha Bhavaraju

Specialist Consultant 

Sneha has a proven track record over 5 years of supplying international pharmaceutical and biotech companies with quality candidates, primarily in areas like R&D and Medical Affairs. Sneha is a true professional when it comes to pharmaceutical recruitment, and works closely with both candidates and clients with a view to achieve optimal outcomes for both parties. This approach has candidates she has supported years ago, come back to seek her guidance.

Sneha works with a sense of responsibility which accompanies any professional who works in an industry which is linked directly to the QOL of many lives and society itself. Her long-term thinking and solution-oriented approach makes Sneha an ideal partner for any who are seeking to develop their career within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Takuya Stern

Specialist Consultant 

Takuya brings his strong interpersonal skills he cultivated in his previous career in sales & management into recruitment, to deliver results on difficult searches across mainly Medical Affairs and R&D functions. He pays great attention not only to his candidate’s skills, but their personality and temperament, which has allowed him to always find the right match across a broad spectrum of clients, from international mega pharma companies to biotech start-ups.

Takuya believes a recruiter should be a partner and advisor for candidates. He strives to build lasting relationships to help candidates continue to achieve their career goals and ambitions over many years.

Being half American and half Japanese, Takuya is bilingual in both English and Japanese.

Sakura Imakawa

Specialist Consultant

Sakura is a specialist in sales and marketing roles across the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, and works with great speed and efficiency to deliver consistent results in a rapidly shifting market. Her proactivity and communication skills, combined with speed to market, allow her to swiftly make matches between a client with demand for talent and a suitable candidate with interest. Her solid track record, local network, and tenacity makes Sakura an ideal recruitment partner for biotech companies looking to build out commercial teams in Japan as well.

Sakura a great partner for candidates with the ambition to find new challenges in their career, whether it be to expand their skills and responsibilities, or to challenge themselves at a bioventure company. Not only does Sakura keep up with industry trends and movements, she keeps her clients and candidates up to date, making her a consultant you want to have in your network.

Tokiya Carstens

Specialist Consultant

Tokiya is a specialist in the CRO space, partnering with several select companies within the industry. Tokiya focuses on a simple mission: supply his clients with the life blood of their business, which is talent. Whether it is CRAs, Project Managers, Data Managers, Biostatisticians, Medical Writers, PV, Medical Doctors, BD professionals, etc., Tokiya will go the extra mile to find the right talent within the market, so his clients can effectively win, and complete the business-critical projects from their sponsors.

Tokiya’s communication with candidates is frank and personable, and he takes the time to get to know each candidate through continuously and consistently engaging with them. Through this process, Tokiya is able to effectively gauge each candidate’s goals and needs, and match them into roles / companies which meet their expectations.

Shoichi Yamada

Specialist Consultant

Shoichi supports both Japanese and multinational pharmaceutical companies with technical job functions, primarily in R&D and Medical Affairs. Building on his years of experience working for Japanese corporations in sales, Shoichi takes ride in building lasting relationships with both clients and candidates alike. The professionalism and attitude he brings to recruitment allows him to form bonds that last, which creates a great advantage in the pharmaceutical industry, which is chronically lacking in candidates.

Shoichi has deep understanding and appreciation for the fact that job & career is an integral aspect of people’s lives, and he finds it rewarding to be able to support and guide professionals through a turning point of their career. Shoichi is a great partner to have, for those looking for help achieving their career goals.

David Rohrig

Specialist Consultant

David supports multinational pharmaceutical companies hire highly technical candidates across areas surrounding R&D (Clinical Development, Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, PV, etc.), Medical Affairs, etc. by leveraging both his academic background and his knowledge and experience gained from working in the pharmaceutical industry in the past. His knowledge and perspective he has gained by working in laboratories helps him identify the right skillset and experience his clients are looking for.

He takes a hands-on approach with candidates, working hand in hand with them to not just change their job, but to carefully plan and build towards a successful and rewarding career. He understands both the weight and fulfillment of working in a life-changing industry, and is here to help candidates fulfill their potential.

David is Native in German, Fluent in English with conversational Japanese language skills

Nao Kamiya

Specialist Consultant

Nao has a very specific focus in the types of candidates she supports in the industry, which is supporting CRAs. Having herself worked at one of the top CRO/CSO companies in the industry in sales, Nao provides hands on support to junior ~ mid-career candidates looking to develop their career in the industry. Not only can she support candidates find CRA roles, but she can also provide them support in finding new direction in their career, such as Medical Affairs or Commercial roles.

Nao has great attention to detail, and really takes the time to understand her candidate’s needs deeply. By becoming a partner and coach for her candidates, she guides her candidates through the difficult process of job change and career development.

Daniel Kambey

Specialist Consultant

Having academic background and experience as healthcare professional and academia, Daniel joined the recruitment industry specializing in finding talent with similar background. With the ability to understand technical language and career pathway of health professionals and academia, he has been able to build rapport and help navigate the candidates in transitioning to work in the industry. For the clients, he is more focused within Medical Affairs and Clinical Development. He believes helping people to progress in their career is one way to bring positive impact to people’s life.


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