Real in Singapore awarded Life Sciences & Healthcare Recruitment Company of the Year

Life Sciences & Healthcare Recruitment Company of 2016


The Recruitment International (RI) Awards is one of the world’s biggest recruitment industry accreditation and are contested all over the world including the UK, China, The Middle East, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.One of the biggest recognition for the recruitment sector, this is a fitting reward to mark the achievements of exceptional businesses and people. In keeping with the prestige of the awards, the celebratory lunch was held in the Fullerton Hotel, one of Singapore’s premier venues. Real Life Sciences in Singapore is tremendously proud to claim its stake on one of the most coveted awards in the sector – The Life Sciences & Healthcare Recruitment Company of the Year.


To qualify for this award, multiple components were taken into account, namely the incredible growth of the organisation which includes both increased revenue and personal development of individuals within the team, as well as the accreditation clients and candidates would offer to the organisation. Real Life Sciences in Singapore is incredibly humbled to win this award, portraying the success we have gained over the past 4 years and the importance we place in our people and the service we provided by going the extra mile.


Mark O’Halloran, Senior Business Manager of Real Life Sciences in Singapore commented, "I am tremendously proud of the Real team here in Singapore for achieving this award. It was part of our vision to be recognised externally as the best agency in our field, so it is pleasing to win this as a testament to the impressive success the team has been achieving together. The team is incredibly hardworking and has developed a culture with the highest standards. These two essential traits have massively helped to create a lot of momentum in our business alongside the continued development of our own staff, and in turn building stronger and longer-lasting client partnerships."


A big congratulatory to the Real Life Sciences team in Singapore for their achievement.

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