Digital Health in Asia

Afterall, according to a recent research by PwC, 60% of Singaporeans own a wearable device which include fitness bands, smart watches, smart glasses and even smart clothing. These devices, and many more like them, broadly fall within category of wearables that we see in the market today. Wearable health digital devices and related Web 2.0 apps coupled with social media tools have brought about new and revolutionary ways of monitoring, measuring and representing the human body – ‘The Quantified Self’.

The question is – are these part of the latest consumer trend or is there a broader implication of this trend within the healthcare industry?

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In conjunction with this, Real Life Sciences will be holding a networking session alongside a panellist discussion on "Digital Healthcare in Asia". Our panellist consist of Strategy and Digital Healthcare Strategists from leading pharmaceutical companies in the region. If you’re interested to find out more, please contact Samarth Goel at [email protected]  or Lausanne Lau at [email protected]


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