Real Singapore celebrates World Health Day with Fitness Boot Camp 2018

Part of World Health Day, Real – part of the larger SThree group – conducted a fitness boot camp on the green lawn across Marina Financial Centre, it was an evening packed with intense cardio drills and stamina building exercises.

As this year’s theme for World Health Day is to advocate #HealthForAll, health leaders from all over the world are taking concrete steps to promote Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The Singapore team is doing our part by practicing healthy living which was definitely a great bonding session for the office too.

“To bring awareness to World Health Day happening on the 7th of April this year, our team had organised a boot camp for the office to encourage a healthy lifestyle as well as take the opportunity to shed light on what Universal Healthcare Coverage actually is. In Singapore, we have a unique financing system in place where the government helps to drive affordability of healthcare through mixed channels like Medisave, subsidies, private insurance, etc. However in reality, globally at least half the population is unable to access basic healthcare services – which is why UHC is a significant and important topic to talk about. For me, I’m privileged to be able to share the message and importance of UHC.”


Why is advocating #HealthForAll key this World Health Day?

According to research, almost 100 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty. This group of people are forced to survive on just USD$1.90 or less a day, mainly because of the need to pay for health services out of their own pockets.

Unfortunately, there is little awareness on the current predicament of this inequity and healthcare leaders are beginning to make a difference.

Thus, the #HealthForAll campaign strives to bring about a world where everyone can obtain the health services they need regardless of their financial circumstances. The campaign is in sponsorship by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and various other health industry organisations.

According to extensive research, UHC can generate significant health and economic benefits to the population. It can also enable the government to reduce inequity if present. This is particularly so for countries who are facing a rapidly aging population as healthcare would definitely be a priority for the elderly.

While achieving UHC may seem to be a difficult goal to reach, it is a feasible target. Some countries have made great progress and let’s take a look at how Singapore has driven effort towards its aim of ensuring #HealthForAll.

What is the situation like in Singapore?

Singapore’s health system gives emphasis to:

  1. Self-reliance on healthcare needs

  2. Individual responsibility for one’s own health

  3. Collective responsibility in maintaining healthcare affordability

As a result, Singaporeans are expected to pay for their own primary healthcare needs. This health financing arrangement is intended to discourage the over-consumption of healthcare services unless needed.

Nevertheless, the government is increasing its spending on healthcare. In Budget 2018, the government is setting aside S$10.2 billion for healthcare expenditure. An additional S$550 million will also be pumped in to better serve the needs of ageing Singaporeans. Within the next five years, Singapore will build six more general and community hospitals, four new polyclinics, more nursing homes and eldercare centres across the island. This initiative aims to better support the potential increase in demand for healthcare as our population ages.

With these in place, it is evident that healthcare costs and government expenditure are rising. However, this short-term cost can be a long-term gain for this city-state as it potentially leads to a sustainable economic growth for the future.

How can we each do our part?

All in all, it is the responsibility of each individual to take ownership of their health. This is especially so in an environment like Singapore. Simple steps can be taken from sticking to a healthy diet plan to getting regular health checks.

Make a difference by spreading the importance of this on World Health Day!

If you would like to partner up with us for any World Health Day movement, email [email protected].

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