Real Life Sciences Singapore presents at the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore 2018

Partner of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS), Real Life Sciences Singapore was invited to present to the group of experienced Pharmacists at the National Cancer Centre on 8th May for the last 3/5 consecutive years.  

With this ongoing partnership, Real Life Sciences Singapore has given multiple career talks to those within the PSS Society in efforts to attract local talent and educate them on the trends of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. Aligned with the mission of PSS, the team is also dedicated to maximise and support the contributions of pharmacists, enhancing healthcare for Singaporeans of all generations. This was done via an informative talk by three of our speakers from Real – Manjit Kaur (Associate Business Manager), Tahmid Bin Zafar (Senior Consultant) and Hannah Brown (Consultant).

“It was a good networking session for those who have attended and we have kept in contact with many of the Pharmacists we have spoken to previously who now have a fulfilling career in the industry. This makes us feel proud of our efforts in being a part of the greater healthcare community, being able to influence and impact those in the industry.” – Manjit Kaur.

If you wish to find out more about this or if you wish to partner with Real Life Sciences Singapore for similar events, please contact us at [email protected] or follow us on our LinkedIn page for other industry updates.

About PSS

PSS is a professional non-profit organisation representing pharmacists in Singapore since 1995. Their membership comprises of pharmacists who are practicing in the community, hospital, marketing, sales or distribution as well as within the academic sectors.

With a mission to “Maximise the contribution of pharmacists to the healthcare of Singaporeans”, they have adopted a two-pronged strategy of upgrading pharmacists professionally and reaching out to the public through health education programmes.


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