Real Staffing are coming to the DIA

This year’s DIA Europe event is taking place from 5th – 7th February 2019 in Vienna, Austria. We’re delighted to announce that the team from Real will once again be attending this industry-leading event.

An introduction to the DIA

The DIA Europe, Drug Information Association, offers attendees the chance to connect with like-minded professionals across the entire healthcare space; offering people the chance to really grow as a professional in healthcare. With so many discussions taking place on a wide spectrum of topics, the DIA is a great opportunity to learn more about the key factors impacting the industry.

In February, our team of consultants from all over the world will be travelling to Vienna to meet with a whole host of healthcare experts. Tom Way, European Director of Life Sciences at Real Staffing, is extremely excited about attending, “As specialists in recruitment within the life sciences and healthcare space, we’re exceptionally passionate about hearing from thought leaders across the globe – this is something that really makes the DIA stand out as it’s so rare that we get to benefit from the insight of so many industry professionals in one place.”

With thought leaders attending across the entire healthcare space, the event offers a true sense of collaboration. The DIA will allow experts with specialist knowledge across specific disciplines to come together in order to work on developing new solutions for patients.

Salary Survey – What motivates professionals across Pharma, Biotech & Medical Devices?

At Real, we’ve established trusted relationships with our people, and we appreciate that career motivations, salary expectations, and career development are key issues for professionals across the industry. We consider ourselves a strategic partner, we’re inspired by the work people within the life sciences do every day.

As we move into the New Year, this is a perfect time for all professionals to reflect and take some time to re-assess their career goals. Last year, we decided to put together a Salary Survey, taking a look at the average salary professionals across the industry should expect. As well as this, our report also looks at career motivations across Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices.

Tom stresses: “As a global organisation with local offices all over the world, Real is here to help specialists across the healthcare space. Our unique position gives us great insight into career developments across the globe, but we’re also able to adopt a very personal approach.”

“Our consultants take a tailored approach and can help hiring managers to find the right talent that can benefit their organisation”, stresses Tom, “We’re also here to truly help candidates find a role that offers real purpose and will inspire them every day. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re a hiring manager looking to attract new talent, we believe it’s important you know your worth”.

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