Real Life Sciences will attend DIA 2019

Real Life Sciences will be partnering with DIA (Drug Information Association) Japan’s Annual Meeting this year again. We have established a strong partnership with DIA around the world, including Europe, the United States, and Singapore, and we are pleased to be a part of a leading community of professionals within the life science industry.

With the theme being “Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe”, industry leaders from various backgrounds will provide lectures and panel discussions across various sectors


What is Rational Medicine?

“Rational Medicine” refers to reasonable medical care of everyone can agree of its benefit. It can be broken down into two major factors; patient engagement and medical care based on the latest scientific knowledge. In the DIA, latest initiatives to achieve rational medicine are consistently being rolled out and the results will then be showcased.


  • Patient Engagement

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in drug development has been a major topic in the US and Europe recently, initiated by regulatory authorities such as  the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and EMA (European Medicines Agency). In Japan, too, this has attracted people’s attention in recent years.

Whilst it is relatively obvious that patients can benefit from patient engagement by relaying their needs directly to the pharmaceutical companies, the companies can also benefit from these initiatives by gaining insights from patients’ experience as well as conducting some quick market research before launch. The accumulation of case studies and creation of clear guidelines of patient participation will also help in the development of cures for intractable diseases, whereby patients usually proactively drive the process.

On the other hand, there have been cases where researchers and patients aim for different goals and they fail to agree. Improvements such as defining clear evaluation methods of patient engagement will help advance future engagement initiatives in this area.


  • Reasonable Medical Care

Reasonable medical care should be based on the latest scientific knowledge. In recent years, how to incorporate technology in the field of drug development and medical treatment has been the hot topic. When successfully implemented, it will improve safety as well as shortening the development process.

Utilization of big data is one of the major initiatives, and an increasing number of companies recognise it as their key strategy. As many projects on the proper and efficient use of data have been launched, the demand for data scientists is also increasing.

Another major topic is the use of blockchain in drug development. Blockchain technology will make it possible to manage data in huge volumes while maintaining high security in a wide range of areas, such as regulatory application and clinical data authentication.

While innovation happens daily, what is recognised as reasonable might change accordingly. The DIA will host proactive discussions over how everyone can contribute to achieve effective, and at the same time, reasonable medical care.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Real Life Sciences are very excited to speak with industry leaders at this exciting event. We will be at the exhibition area and running a raffle at the booth so don’t forget to enter for your chance to win the grand prize!

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