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Sales & Marketing

Real Life Sciences has well established relationships with Medical Devices companies of all sizes across the globe. Our specialist consultants have access to the latest contract and permanent commercial jobs across the sector including Marketing Director, Sales Director, Sales & Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Brand Marketing Manager.   


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  • Marketing Specialist Tokyo, Japan Permanent
  • Marketing Manager Tokyo, Japan Permanent
  • Marketing Manager, Endourology Tokyo, Japan Permanent
  • Field Marketing Manager Tokyo, Japan Permanent
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What to Ask During a Final Interview & After Receiving a Job Offer

21 Aug 2020

In a final interview, the main purpose is to see who is the best culture fit among the finalists. The best preparation you can do is research the company well, and have a list of your own questions to ask.

10 Questions Every Job Candidate Should Ask Only In Person

19 Aug 2020

Setting the scene for what typically happens in the second stage of interviews, we’ll suggest questions you might want to ask when interviewing with hiring managers or other key stakeholders.

6 Questions Every Job Candidate Should Ask in Early Interviews

18 Aug 2020

Usually interview coaches put a lot of emphasis on how to answer typical interview questions, but it is just as important to know how and what questions you should be asking in return.