Associate Medical Affairs Manager Cardiovascular Disease (RE-33928913)

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Salary: competitive
Sectors: Medical Affairs
Job Type: Permanent
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Provide leadership to relevant departments within the Medical HQ, such as SL, MIS, EOR and MSL, in the creation and execution of Deliverables and process management of activities like Medical Brand Strategy and Evidence generation. In process management of the Medical Brand Strategy and Evidence generation, the candidate should have the medical expertise to interpret and judge scientifically (i.e. be able to correctly understand the details of Science Lead proposals, NIS plans, ESR SDC/protocols, etc.), and be able to more effectively implement the Japan Medical Affairs Plan (jMAP). Demonstrate strong communication and management skills to internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the Japan Medical Affairs Plan (jMAP) and Evidence generation Deliverables are developed and implemented more effectively. Responsible for planning, preparing and organising events and managing the execution of these events.

- Clinical or basic research or industry experience in the disease area(s) for which they are responsible.

- Knowledge of basic medicine: a level of knowledge that is sufficient for highly technical discussions with KEEs.

- Clinical knowledge: a high level of knowledge in the disease area of interest, at a level comfortable in highly scientific discussions with KEEs.

- Knowledge of statistics: understanding of the statistical aspects of publications and industry/physician-initiated research and the ability to explain this to clients and internal stakeholders.

- Knowledge of the patient: knowledge of the current and projected changes in patient(s) Journey and treatment in the disease area, comparable to that of clinician experts in the disease area.

- Knowledge of KEE (selection): Highly accurate information on global/national KEE/next generation and the environment surrounding these KEE in the disease area in question, and the ability to provide advice to other departments.

- Knowledge of the company and its products, competitors and their products and patient groups: understanding of the size and characteristics of the patient groups in the disease area and knowledge of competitors' brand strategies, scientific (medical) strategies and knowledge of regulatory developments.

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