Product Manager (RE-33901196)

Location: Tokyo, Japan    |  Remote Working Available
Salary: ¥6000000 - ¥8000000 per annum + competitive
Job Type: Permanent
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In 2022, diagnostic imaging AI will be reimbursed by insurance at some facilities. AI in medical is becoming a new standard. We are looking for a product manager to spread the medical diagnostic imaging support AI to the world and accelerate the business.

This position is related to development in general, from product strategy planning and planning of new and existing product improvements, to planning and implementation of development management and joint research, creation of evidence for sales, and feedback gathering.

While looking ahead to the future of the product, we believe that product managers who plan and develop products that reflect the voices of the medical field and promote strategy planning and execution to deliver value to customers are indispensable for our future growth.

We are front-runners in the medical AI industry. Our product, medical diagnostic imaging support AI, has been introduced to more than one hundred facilities and the number is increasing every month.

As a spin-out venture from the University of Tokyo, we are a leader in advanced image analysis software and systems tailored to life science research. With strong emphasis on integrating top-tier technologies to its services and strong dedication to maximize research efficiency, we aim to bring innnovation to the world of research.

As a member of the Product Management Group that conducts product strategy planning, planning, and development management, you will be mainly responsible for the following tasks:

  • Operations related to product strategy and planning
    • Determination of expected target users and clarification of points of appeal and differentiation of products to target users
    • Customer research such as in-depth interviews with target users
    • Setting of product specifications and development goals
    • Collection of materials necessary for sales (evidence, case studies, sample cases in joint research)
  • Operations related to product development
    • Collecting feedback on products under development
    • Managing the progress of the entire product across teams
  • Working on joint research with doctors
    • Drafting and executing research plans to build evidence necessary for sales
    • Negotiating with joint research facilities, medical institutions, and doctors
  • Collecting the latest information from medical academic papers and academic societies
  • Suggesting other activities necessary for developing and selling products

**In view of your wishes, experience, and skills, we will entrust all or part of the above duties to you.


  • Experience in product planning, development, sales, or marketing (more than 2 years)
  • Willingness to actively learn what you don't know
  • Attitude to tenaciously tackle things even when there are difficult things
  • Proactive attitude to voluntarily convey knowledge and your own opinions in the medical field to the company
  • Reading comprehension of English literature


・Experience and knowledge of: Medical device research and development such as:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Programmed medical devices
  • Machine learning and image processing
  • Regulatory application approval
  • Web development
  • Experience in joint research between physicians and companies in medical institutions or medical companies
  • Business-level English proficiency

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