Our ESG Efforts

As part of the larger SThree group, we continue to evolve our approach to the environment, society and corporate governance (ESG) in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals under three key areas of focus: building a greener future, building an inclusive future, and building an ethical business for the future.

Real takes part in a wide range of ESG initiatives and programmes with a vision to transform lives through skills and work. We're proud of our strong philanthropic history which has been developed over the years. For us, building the future, is a golden thread that runs through everything we do. As the only global, pure-play STEM talent provider we are in a unique position to mobilise candidate groups, clients, colleagues, suppliers, and communities to make the world better.

Our role in society

We source, nurture and place STEM talent with clients who are solving complex world challenges. We play a pivotal role in building a sustainable future – connecting clients with talent who will contribute solutions to the
UN Sustainable Development Goals. We empower our candidates, clients, suppliers and community partners to contribute to at least 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. However, within our strategy we have identified the six where we can have the biggest impact.

Three main pillars as part of our strategy include: Building a greener future; Building an inclusive workforce for the future; Building an ethical business for the future. 

Building a greener future

We recognise the importance of ensuring long-term sustainability through concerted and transparent climate and environmental action. We have a target to reduce our emissions by 20% by 2024 (2019 baseline year), aligning our business with climate science. To achieve this target, we are working on the following:

  • Procuring 100% renewable energy across our portfolio
  • Reducing our business travel by at least 30% and prioritising low carbon travel options
  • Removing single use plastics from our supply-chain
  • Prioritising suppliers who share our values and ambitions, including reducing their carbon emissions and managing their environmental impact

You may click here to read the case study with Arevon Energy. 

Building an inclusive workforce for the future

For three and a half decades, our staffing solutions have provided decent work and sustainable careers for our colleagues, candidates and communities – helping people to find their dream careers and making roles in STEM more accessible. Our role in building an inclusive workforce for the future feels even more important in the midst of a pandemic. We utilised our skills, our network and our platform to expand existing programmes, and launch new interventions to realise our purpose and bring skilled people together to build a sustainable future for everyone. 

We want to be recognised as leaders in diversity, inclusion and equity within staffing, and help solve complex global issues by making STEM industries more accessible. In Singapore, we've seen an increase in our female placements to 37% and during the tough pandemic year, we've helped to support the local workforce in reducing unemployment where 67% of our placements were locals. And in the remaining population, we've helped more than 10 nationalities to find a role within the STEM industry. You may refer to the infographics below for more detail: 

Diversity & Inclusion Impact


Supporting a local workforce in Singapore

Building an ethical business for the future

We believe that the way we run our business is more than simply doing what is required, but rather leading by example. It is about operating in a way that positively impacts everyone we meet. Providing ethical, compliant staffing solutions is core to how we work. Delivering best practice is integral to our service offering. Business ethics is therefore not an aspiration for SThree but essential to our success. 

You may click here to see a case study on our governance in action.

To read our full impact report for ESG, please click here. 


Some of our past initiatives:

Launched in 2016, the SThree Foundation supports bright young people from underprivileged and diverse backgrounds into the STEM industries. Learn more by watching our video below.

In December 2017, we reached our £1 million fundraising target for SOS Children’s Villages supporting 35 life-changing projects and touching the lives of over 3,000 people around the world. Within the APAC MENA region, we have a mission to support children to get the best in start of life for SOS Children's Villages in Manila, Philippines. We had a target to provide children to go to elementary school with the educational materials, supplies and travel that they need. All of these children were neglected or abandoned which resulted in them coming into the care of SOS Children's Village. 

Locally, other ESG initiatives include a partnership with local organisations to run interview techniques and workshops that have role playing and CV writing included. 

Real is also proud to be part of a life changing industry and actively supports global initiatives such as World Health Days, helping to fundraise and raise awareness around key health topics alongside our partners within the life sciences industry. 


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