Real Life Sciences Singapore speaks at the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore

PSS is a professional non-profit organisation representing pharmacists in Singapore since 1995. Their membership comprises of pharmacists who are practicing in the community, hospital, marketing, sales or distribution as well as within the academic sectors. With a mission to "Maximise the contribution of pharmacists to the healthcare of Singaporeans", they have adopted a two-pronged strategy of upgrading pharmacists professionally and reaching out to the public through health education programmes.

Hence, Real Life Sciences had the opportunity to partner with PSS in educating a group of pharmacists on what options they have in terms of their career path. Held at the National Cancer Center, approximately 40 people had registered for this session where a quarter of attendees included fresh graduates or those awaiting their licence, while the rest comprised of experienced registered pharmacists. The latter comes from a diverse group of those who worked across regulatory affairs and commercial functions within the pharmaceutical industry and those who worked in hospitals or as retail pharmacists.

Three of our consultants spoke at this session covering topics such as "Gaps within the market and talent pool", "Skill-sets to enter into the pharmaceutical industry" and "Best routes / ways to enter a commercial space". The Real Life Sciences team were able to impart industry knowledge to the group of attendees and at the same time, inspire them with the wide range of career choices they can take.

The session took slightly more than an hour and concluded with an interactive Question & Answer that lasted around 45 minutes. There were many interesting questions asked and many individuals who sought advice as well as enquired on salary bandings and trends in the market. Beyond that, it was an engaging session where the attendees had the opportunity to mingle with the speakers from Real Life Sciences as well as network amongst peers in the industry.

"It felt great to share my day-to-day knowledge with the pharmacists of all ages who had genuine interest to join the industry or who are looking to further develop their career within the pharmaceutical industry," shared Jennifer Ha, Senior Consultant of the Real Life Sciences team.

"In addition, we were able to add greater value as we covered the three different functions - Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, and Commercial space – which gave the audience a broader insight and information on the industry that isn’t easily attainable. It was a fantastic opportunity for us as well to personally interact with people in the community and hopefully it will help them to make better choices in their pursuit / choice of career within the pharmaceutical industry," continued Jennifer.

Real Life Sciences Singapore would like to thank PSS for this wonderful opportunity to educate both experienced pharmacists as well as pharmacists-to-be on a decision that could impact them greatly – their career. We look forward to more of such collaborations and strive to make a difference for the life sciences industry in Singapore.

If you would like to partner with Real Life Sciences in Singapore for similar events, please contact Mark O’Halloran, Senior Business Manager at [email protected]

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