Will recruitment be taken over by technology?

Technology has been monumental in shaping the means of operations across various industries including recruitment. New and advanced technologies today are equipping recruiters with the tools to effectively and productively carry out resourcing, profiling and even interviewing. From cloud services, Internet of Things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence (AI), these are essential investments that can better support an organisation in the fierce competition of acquiring only the best talents.

What are some tech tools that can revolutionise an organisation’s hiring capabilities and help you to stay ahead of the game?

1. Salesforce

Titled as the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Salesforce is an award-winning power search tool that has been further developed in-house. Its global recognition further validates Salesforce's unparalleled ability in empowering companies to deliver amazing experiences that transform customer relationships.

With the enhanced version that SThree and its brands are using, we are able to provide a real-time database that is one of the largest in the world. It has the ability to source for candidates based on key skills and is also an all-access platform to view all data from both internal and external sources in pre-built apps and dashboards. With a dynamic in user-experience, you will be able to explore any information to spot trends and visualise key performance indicators with data analytics.

Built into the Salesforce Platform, Einstein is a new and innovative layer of AI that delivers predictions and recommendations based on an organisation’s unique business processes and customer data. Organisations would be able to use those insights to automate responses and actions, allowing employees to be more productive while keeping your customers happy.

2. Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo is a talent management system that enables global companies to simplify their recruitment processes. It is a central system for tracking internal and external candidates. Highly efficient and swift in processing, it automates processes such as job applications, on-boarding, forms, notifications and approvals. It also provides instant access to LinkedIn profiles and candidates’ records. With a single click, it can populate forms with LinkedIn credentials.

The system collects these information throughout an employee's entire lifecycle, termed as "talent intelligence’ by Oracle. This data helps executives, managers and talent acquisition teams alike to understand individual performance and compare personnel-related results to business outcomes. This can also enhance user experiences of our customers who seek ease and speed in acquiring job-related information.

Nevertheless, the need for a team to implement, integrate, upgrade and or maintain Taleo is costly. Due to its complex user-interface and configuration, organisations would need both technical and professional support. As a result, most firms that use Taleo continue to forge partnerships with recruitment firms to source for candidates and curb rising costs at the same time.

3. Showcaser

Brainchild of Global Enterprise Partners, part of the larger SThree group, Showcaser is an in-house developed video interviewing software and service platform. It delivers a high-quality service that is fully compliant and regularly audited to meet enterprise software regulations and standards worldwide.

Showcaser is a virtual recruitment service that can assist you to make a more informed decision. Every candidate CV your company receives can include a ‘Showcaser embedded video’. This serves as a virtual introduction and an opportunity for your tailored questions to be answered, prior to a phone or face-to-face introduction.

This is part of its robust ‘18 Step Candidate Accreditation Process’ that provides organisations with the highest calibre of talent. With these digital profiles, you can assess candidates’ communication and presentation skills, in addition to reviewing their CV. In this way, you can virtually meet them before the first interview. Likewise, this can be used vice versa for an organisation or interviewer to present and pitch their organisation to attract some of the best talents in the market.

4. Talent Deck

Talent Deck is a smart job search platform that vows to achieve "zero time to hire".

Assisting SThree, the platform matches candidate profiles with jobs that fit their experience, needs and desired culture. It is also a platform that allows employers to understand the pool of candidates who may be interested and receive direct approaches from them.

Candidates on the other hand, would be able to find like-minded employers within their job stream instantly, ranked in order of ‘best fit’.

With one of the key feature of Talent Deck being the match of cultural fit, it does not only look at the technical skills of the candidate, but also the motivations of a candidate to take up the job. To do this, the system prompts candidates to specify for instance, what they want and don't want from their dream job. These details are all recorded in a ‘Talent Card’, and Talent Deck’s algorithm technology will instantly match candidates to compatible job opportunities.

SThree is constantly on a mission to improve the service it provides to our customers and Talent Deck as a platform is a huge value-add. Their new ‘Career DNA’ profile aims to heighten the importance of culture, aligned with SThree’s belief in diversity and inclusion, which can improve the chances of success in the recruitment process.

Talent Deck will soon be rolled-out in APAC. Aware of the impact that digital transformation can bring to the recruitment industry, SThree is excited about the benefits that Talent Deck, as a tech platform, is able to bring better services to our customers.


Is human interaction no longer needed in recruitment?

Technology may be taking over with its ability to automate manual tasks that can be extremely time consuming. However, the human touch is still necessary in maintenance of functionalities within these smart technologies. Essentially, technology simplifies and quickens the pace of laborious tasks, allowing its human counterpart to focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

Talent acquisition teams around the world currently lack the institutional knowledge to capitalise on a comprehensive hiring platform. Thus, greater awareness needs to be garnered not purely on the steps to take on automating processes within recruitment, but also the technical expertise to utilise these tools.

Innovation stems from the unique challenges and constraints an organisation may face and there is no one-size-fits-all method in recruitment. Thus, it is key for your company to evaluate these tools and understand what is best suited to your organisation to be able to reap the rewards in the long run. In fact, many organisations who have invested within technologies for recruitment realise the need to partner with recruitment firms or hire experienced recruiters to make the best use of their investment. Recruitment firms are also constantly innovating and investing in technologies to make the best use of our talent in the organisation. This will further ease recruitment processes, allowing us to better meet the needs of our candidates and clients alike.

If your company is interested to find out how our platforms can support you in your hiring needs or how technology is changing the landscape of recruitment, please connect with us at [email protected].

Real Staffing is part of the larger SThree group, specialising within recruitment for the Life Sciences industry.


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