Celebrating Women in Science 2021

International Day of Women and Girls in Science falls on the 11th of February. Initiated by the United Nations in 2015, the day marks a celebration of women who have made a difference in the science sector, with the aim of inspiring women and girls to have “full and equal access to and participation in science”. The theme for this year is "Beyond the Borders: Equality in Science for Society", with a special focus on the value of the social aspects and cultural dimensions in Science, Technology and Innovation to enhance sustainable development programs.

STEM fields are increasingly expected to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges. They are also crucial disciplines for personal and professional achievement. As many as 80 percent of jobs in Southeast Asia will require basic digital literacy and applied ICT skills by the year 2030.


Asia remains a hot bed for women in science

While it was reported that less than 30% of the world's researchers are women, Asia has seen significant growth in achievements in possessing some of the top scientists and experts in the pharma, biotech, and medical industry.

We also caught up with a few of our amazing women from Real APAC, Vanessa Tan (Singapore) and Sneha Bahvaraju (Japan) who shared with us their thoughts on making a difference in the medical industry.


Vanessa Tan shares what it means to be a women in science

Sneha Bahvaraju shares what being a women in science mean to her


  • How has your role in Real empowered you to be a woman in science?

Sneha: “Being a recruiter for the pharma industry has empowered me take pride in my knowledge and the work I’ve put in this space. Building a bridge between professionals and pharma companies has been very fulfilling for me. The onus is on me to build a sound knowledge of how the industry works – from understanding the key areas and products, to keeping up with the latest news. Working in this field has allowed me to expand my expertise and interest in this market.”

Vanessa: “My role in Real gave me a clearer understanding of pharma companies, and how drug creation processes begin from the clinical phase, all the way to the consumers end. The research and effort pumped in my career allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge, it also gave me the exposure to realise the growing presence of women in tech, manufacturing, and engineering roles. It excited me to see that women are versatile.”


  • Top advice to women or girls who intend on pursuing a career in science?

Sneha: “Have confidence in your decision to pursue science. Working in science allows you to make a real and tangible contribution to the world. Just look at the events of the past year – we, as a global society, have been faced with a global pandemic. Thanks to science, we have been able to quickly identify and mitigate the problems this virus brings. Ultimately, it will be the world’s scientists who bring the solution, by unveiling much needed vaccines against the COVID-19 virus. Aside from this, the people who are working in science and healthcare tirelessly everyday save and improve lives all over the world across people of all ages. Remember this when things are challenging. Women are still underrepresented in science, and there is still room for more women to enter this amazing and empowering field.”

Vanessa: “Go for it, especially during this period. The landscape within science is extremely fertile for anyone to join given its openness to evolving trends, and one should not have any reservations from pursuing a career in this field. Given its positive outlook for growth, many are also optimistic in pursuing a career in STEM. It is a great innovative space to be, filled with potential and worth. It is notable that many women and men alike are making ground-breaking achievements and paving the way for the younger generations ahead.”

Discover some of the world’s most inspiring women in life sciences, in our latest Celebrating Women in Science feature.

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