Perks of working with a Singapore Job Agency

With Covid-19 causing uncertain shifts in talent mobility and changing work environments, there has been a significant interest to engage pharmaceutical recruitment companies in Singapore. This uptake in partnerships between organisations and pharmaceutical recruitment companies in Singapore have shown that many require the right knowledge and support when it comes to hiring the best fit to fill their gaps on demand.

Talent acquisition specialists or better known as recruiters, possess the aptitude and expertise to provide extended market knowledge. They are also the key to provide employers extended access to a wider pool of skilled talent to secure the best candidate who not only has the best technical fit, but also cultural fit.

We’ve put together some tips to assist you in making a calculated decision on why it might be the best option for you to partner with a Singapore job agency in the coming new year to stay competitive in the fight to retain and attract the best talent in the market.


Our 5 benefits of working with a Singapore job agency:

  1. Understand the market better

Recruiters are usually specialists within a particular niche. They’ll know the space and hold relationships with important players. It is also fair to say that they will have many contacts and networks that could help you in your search and is also well-equipped with key trends in the market.

Some of the additional benefits you can get include:

  • In-depth market mapping for your industry
  • Understanding organisational structures of teams
  • Latest salary surveys
  • Up-to-date understanding of compensation and remuneration rates


  1. Build and enhance your employer brand

Questions to ask yourself: What is important to candidates? What do they look for? Which area should you invest in first?

An employer brand refers to the way your organisation is perceived by current and potential employees. It’s about how they view the company, from how you conduct yourselves in the market to what they think it would be like to work for your organisation.

An effective employer brand presents your organisation as a good employer and a great place to work. This can help with recruitment, retention and positive market perceptions of your company.

To showcase your employer brand which can also ultimately increase visibility to potential employees, you could start by getting connected with a Singapore job agency to help you out.

A Singapore job agency will also be able to advise you on areas of improvement within your employer brand, or areas you should focus on to showcase you strengths as an organisation.


  1. Access to a global network of talent

A Singapore job agency or recruitment agencies in general tend to have large databases of candidates at their disposal. In fact, our team has access to candidates not just locally, but globally as we share one unified database across 16 countries. In this way, we gain access to both local and foreign talent according to the skillsets required by our clients. Many clients also often don’t realise that the skills a candidate can have for one job can be easily transferred to another. Hence, it is crucial to evaluate your pool of talent which recruiters are trained to do. Recruiters are also connected with relevant human resources and applicable managers in your area of expertise to help you.


  1. Understand the importance of corporate culture

Recruiters can easily understand your corporate culture to find you the right fit which can save you time and resources, leading to cost-savings.

For instance, a key trend we’ve noticed is that cultivating an environment for learning and development is something candidates look out for especially over the last two years. Having learning programmes show your employees that you’re invested in their future, and can showcase different pathways for growth internally which can evolve into new career paths. Employees shouldn’t have to switch companies to get ahead. They should be rewarded for their loyalty and this can help you retain your staff more effectively which ultimately reduces your costs.


  1. Faster turnaround for talent on-demand

The very best candidates are in high demand all the time and are likely to receive multiple offers. If you’re not prepared to be decisive you may lose out to your competitors.

However, recruiting faster doesn’t mean you have to abandon your hiring standards, but it does mean you have to move fast. This might also mean you have to re-evaluate your process but only a recruiter will be able to advise you accordingly. You may also want to think about whether your company can start adopting a contractual work model, as onboarding process are often much quicker.


Our five top strategies to work with a Singapore job agency

If you are swayed by the reasons above to stay competitive in the market, below are top tips on how you can use a Singapore job agency or recruitment agencies to your advantage:


  1. First, know your recruitment process

Your recruiter will start by advertising your role and monitoring responses to find a good selection of active applicants. At the same time, they will source for passive candidates who may also be suitable for the role. Next, they will contact candidates to get a better understanding of who is most suitable, including relevant background checks. Subsequently, your recruiter will also contact suitable candidates to arrange interviews. In order to keep this a smooth and effortless process, understand what are the areas are looking out for and make that known to your recruitment agency.


  1. Understand the timeframe required

It can take weeks to find the candidate you’re looking for especially if it is a very niche role. And it’s important to get the process right first time as you don’t want to onboard a candidate that may not be the best fit for the role, only to restart the process.


  1. Get to know your recruiter

Once you’ve chosen your recruiter, why not invite them to come and visit you at your organisation (when we can all meet up)? It will give them a good understanding of your business, helping them to see how people in your organisation work and what your company culture is like. This in turn will help them find the right candidate for your role much quicker.

Be open and transparent to let them know what your key concerns are as they are the experts who’d help you ease your worries and overcome the challenges and roadblocks ahead. You also want to communicate this from the start to avoid any resources wasted on sourcing for the wrong fit.


  1. Understand the costs involved

Most recruitment agencies work on fee finding terms of payment. So, if you don’t end up recruiting anyone, you won’t have to pay any money.

It’s best to have an upfront discussion about fees before you instruct an agent to work for you – that way you’ll feel confident about any decisions you make down the line. Work out your budget and be transparent when it comes to what you are willing to invest in. But remember, you might also end up with cost savings by working with a recruiter if you end up spending a lot of time and resources in finding the right candidate without the right expertise and tools.


  1. Take a professional’s viewpoint

If you needed an expert in law or finance, you’d probably contact one. So, it makes sense to use a professional recruitment agency or Singapore job agency to handle your hiring process – regardless whether you have a talent acquisition or HR department.

A recruitment agency will pre-screen and shortlist candidates quickly and effectively, saving your staff time and your business money.


Ready to engage a Singapore Job Agency to work with you on your hiring strategy?

Ultimately, your recruiter will know the local job market inside and out, so be open and willing to listen to what they have to share and offer.

Sometimes they may also provide a solution you may not have initially thought of such as using flexible employees, contractors, or freelancers rather than permanent. We say it’s best to keep an open mind from the outset.

If you require pharmaceutical recruitment support for your talent needs in 2022, fill up the form below and our dedicated experts will be in touch with you.

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