Questions to ask during an interview for Regulatory Affairs jobs in Singapore

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For any Regulatory Affairs jobs in Singapore, job interviews can be a platform for you to highlight your pharmaceutical experience and drug regulatory knowledge. Learning common interview questions for Regulatory Affairs professionals might help you prepare solid answers that reflect your qualifications in a talent-short market.

Before we dive into the questions, we take a closer look at the types of talent within Regulatory Affairs that are currently the most sought after.


More demand for Regulatory Affairs experts with biologics knowledge

Biological medicinal products are promising solutions in the prevention and treatment of several life-threatening, chronic diseases, and health conditions that cannot be managed with the help of normal pharmaceutical products. Some of the examples of health crises where biologics are proven to be the best solutions are diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, microbial infections and, so on.

Today, the need for specialised Regulatory Affairs experts in biologics is not only recognised by large traditional pharmaceuticals but also virtual companies in their quest to successfully develop and biologics therapies. Regulatory Technology (Regtech) is also becoming a buzz in the pharma space to ensure higher efficiency in compliance, as well as to reap cost-savings.

As such, we had a chat with Eve Ng, our specialist consultant in Regulatory Affairs, who shared with us what is happening on the ground in terms of recruitment, and why there will always be a high demand for Regulatory Affairs talent in Asia Pacific (APAC).


Regulatory Affairs recruitment trends in Singapore

What are the trends you are noticing for recruitment within Regulatory Affairs?

“Smaller biotech and or pharma companies are building up their APAC headquarters in Singapore and they are actively looking for people to set up their Regulatory Affairs team. Hiring managers are looking for talent who possess strong knowledge and awareness of current Singapore regulations and background in biologics as more companies see an uptake of registration of drugs here.”


What are the top Regulatory Affairs jobs in Singapore that is currently in demand?

“As such, the types of Regulatory Affairs jobs in Singapore that is currently highly sought after are Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager levels to Regulatory Affairs Associate Director levels. Talent with experience in New Drug Application in Biologics are always highly sought after.”

If you are currently on a job search within this space, or is up for an interview, Real Staffing is here to prepare you with a list of top Regulatory Affairs questions you can pre-empt:


Most frequently asked Regulatory Affairs interview questions

  • What is your biggest challenge regarding Regulatory Affairs processes?
  • What interests you about Regulatory Affairs?
  • What is your experience with human health protection?
  • What sets you apart from other Regulatory Affairs professionals?
  • How will you interact with a team of pharmaceutical professionals?
  • How do you handle working with large amounts of data and research?
  • What interpersonal skills can you use to help you perform the job successfully?
  • How do you measure success in Regulatory Affairs?
  • Why are you pursuing a career in Regulatory Affairs?
  • Why is communication important between the pharmaceutical industry and the drug regulatory authorities?


To make a good impression and show further interest in the Regulatory Affairs role you are applying to, it is always good to have a handful of questions to ask your hiring manager or recruiter.


Questions to ask during an interview for Regulatory Affairs jobs in Singapore

Questions to ask during an interview for Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager:

  • What about this position is most important?
  • What would you want to see me accomplish in the first six months?
  • How would you measure my success, and what could I do to exceed your expectations?
  • What opportunities will I have to learn and grow?
  • Will I have the tools and resources to do your job well?

Questions to ask during an interview for Regulatory Affairs Associate Director:

  • What are the company’s core values?
  • What are the company’s top goals for the next 12 months? Three years? Five years?
  • Could you describe the team I’d be working with in this role?
  • What are this team’s biggest strengths and biggest challenges?
  • Where do you see this department, country or region heading in the next six months?


Bonus tip: Get insider tips from your recruiter prior to the interview

It is also important to begin asking questions with your recruiter if you have been contacted for a role in which you are interested. Find out what differentiates the company from others in the Regulatory Affairs space, and what the culture that embraces innovation.

Trends to apply innovative technology will continue to evolve business concepts and tackle challenges most biotech firms face. The priority will remain in managing regulatory risk and compliance and Regtech will be a tool that can enable firms to enhance their compliance capabilities while becoming more efficient and cost-effective.


Still in doubt? Or looking for Regulatory Affairs jobs?

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