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Contract Recruitment Firm

When you’re looking for contractors, whatever area of the life sciences or healthcare sector you operate in, we understand that efficiency is key. That’s why our contract recruitment solutions are quick and compliant.

Filling contract positions can be difficult – you need to make a quick decision, but you also need to find a professional who can truly excel in the job. And when you’re looking for a candidate in a niche industry, that’s not easy. But at Real Staffing Singapore, our specialist recruitment consultants are experts at locating hard-to-find talent.

Beyond that, we also take the guesswork out of payroll and benefits. With our robust systems and processes in place, we are able to meet visa requirements or manage a candidate for you – whatever works for you!

So, by putting your trust in Real Staffing Singapore, you can continue to focus your energy on developing life-changing advancements across the life sciences and healthcare space.


Contracting Jobs in Singapore

Keeping the official headcount low year-round while bolstering staff shortage is not easy, but contractors with specialised skills prove incredibly beneficial in today’s volatile market. However, as more firms race to hire top-calibre contractors, how can your company rise above the fray and attract the right talent that meet your business needs? Here is where Real Staffing Singapore comes in.

With a vast pool of talent in our worldwide database, our team of specialist recruiters will help you identify the best mid-level and senior contractors with the precise expertise to meet the technical requirements of your contracting job. From sifting through applications and CV’s to verifying candidates’ qualifications and references, you can leave your recruiting funnel in our experienced hands.

About Real Staffing Singapore

About Real Staffing Singapore

A global recruitment firm that specialises in STEM, Real Staffing Singapore is committed to driving growth and discovering solutions that can help improve the lives of people around the world. Find out more about partnering with Real Staffing Singapore by getting in touch with us here.


What is the timeframe of the overall recruitment process?

A recruitment process and the associated timelines are tailored to individual customer requirements. A Contract Assignment can run very quickly, from a next day start with no interview to two to four weeks allowing for the client to meet and interview as normal. Most Contract Candidates are available at no notice or less than 4 weeks notice.

What types of staffing solutions do Real Staffing Singapore offer?

We offer both permanent and contract solutions.

What sectors or industries do Real Staffing Singapore recruit for?

We cover a wide range of jobs across the life sciences and healthcare sector. Please see our Disciplines tab on our homepage for areas we cover.

How will Real Staffing Singapore add value to my company’s hiring process?

Using a specialised recruitment agency like Real Staffing Singapore enables you to outsource the candidate sourcing and interview management process, so you can focus on your core expertise.  Most importantly, a specialised recruitment agency can provide you access to candidate talent who are not actively looking for new opportunities, and therefore won’t be able to find from your own means.

How does Real Staffing Singapore find talent?

We have access to a range of channels which can include our internal database that has more than 1 million candidates and is updated on a daily basis. We also have advertising tools, access to CV databases, and most importantly the knowledge of our specialist consultants who will have a good understanding of the profile you may be looking for whether it’s the experience or culture fit. 

Does Real Staffing Singapore provide temporary and permanent placements?

Yes we do. We also offer payroll servicing should your organisation require.

Is Real Staffing Singapore an equal opportunity employer?

Yes we are.

Can Real Staffing Singapore help with my hiring needs outside of Singapore?

Yes we can, we have a global network of offices and if we don’t recruit for your country from Singapore, we can refer you to the most appropriate country in our network.

Do I need to be part of the hiring process apart from the interviews?

We will partner with you to enable you to be as involved as you would like during the process.  Our specialised experience allows us to make constructive and data-led recommendations, however you as the client will make the ultimate decision in who to hire. Real Staffing Singapore can complete the candidate referencing and testing for you, alternatively you are able to complete them yourself.