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The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Singapore and across the globe has seen radical advances and growing demands in recent years. However, the thinning talent pool remains a significant disruptor in the global pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape. Only by bridging this gap can companies then gain a competitive edge in this industry with fast-evolving trends.

The search for talent in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry demands a radical and tailored approach. If you are looking to get ahead with a robust talent acquisition and development funnel, Real Staffing Singapore can help.

Some of the top permanent roles  we place in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector include:

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Manufacturing Director


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Jobs in Singapore

Real Staffing Singapore is one of the leading recruitment agencies that specialise in end-to-end recruitment solutions. Understanding the dynamic environment of pharmaceutical manufacturing and the need for a workforce with new and innovative capabilities, we can help you identify candidates with the precise skills necessary for the job.

At Real Staffing Singapore, we leverage the latest data and technology to connect mid and high-level professionals with the world’s leading STEM and life sciences companies. Boasting an extensive database of over 1 million candidates (and counting), you can tap into a fresh pool of talent that was previously inaccessible. Beyond our wide database, candidates are carefully selected beyond their on-paper qualifications. We also take into account how well their personal inspirations and motivations align with your organisation’s objectives and long-term trajectory. 

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About Real Staffing Singapore

About Real Staffing Singapore

Inspired by the work of the life sciences and you - the people who are contributing to everyday growth and making a tangible difference in the world with skills, acumen, and knowledge - our agency is committed to work hand-in-hand with organisations to drive scientific excellence. Professionals can also take a look at our latest roles for meaningful job opportunities within the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.   to learn more about Real Staffing Singapore’s comprehensive recruitment services today.

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