Where will your Quality Assurance career take you?

Across the globe, pharma and biotech businesses are understanding the need to raise their investments within quality assurance, which is leading to an increase in demand for Quality Professionals. At Real, we partner with some of the biggest global companies who can give you access to the best quality assurance jobs available. But how do you know whether the role is right for you?

Whether you’re a Quality Assurance Manager, Qualified Person, or just wanting to find out how you stand amongst your peers in the Quality market better, it’s important to really understand the different career routes and what’s available before you actually start to consider or embark on your search for quality assurance jobs. To help, we put together a guide offering exclusive insights on the quality assurance careers landscape. Our guide will offer you information on the following:


  • Drivers towards an increase in quality assurance jobs

  • Advice on taking your QA career to the next level

  • Networking advice (online and offline)

  • Best practice for building your digital footprint

  • Top traits QA hiring managers are looking at

  • Interview insights - popular questions and tips to prepare

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e.g Medical Affairs, Medical Devices etc.

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