DIA Europe 2018

This year’s DIA Europe event was officially declared the largest European DIA event in ten years. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, big data, GDPR and political uncertainty all looming, DIA Europe proved to be a central hub of information and networking for the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry. Real Staffing’s European teams were in attendance to highlight how these changes have impacted their life sciences recruitment team.

Expectations of DIA Europe 2018

One of the biggest topics of discussion was the possible industry outcomes of the UK leaving the European Union. This topic increased demand for the Real Staffing salary survey which offers important information for professionals looking to move their roles out of the UK.

With so many changes to the Life Sciences industry in 2017 and 2018, it was to be expected that DIA Europe would see an influx in Medical Devices professionals, due to the recent introduction of IVDR and MDR. The introduction of GDPR was expected to be a popular topic of discussion, especially within the pharmacovigilance market, from which we anticipated a large turnout.

Discovery of the market’s strength

As expected, we experienced a great deal of interest in our salary surveys when speaking to people at the event, with many professionals complementing the accuracy of the data. The event offered a unique opportunity to meet skilled candidates looking for their next role, with the salary survey providing critical information on the benefits of different locations.

By the end of the first day, it was confirmed that DIA Europe 2018 was the largest European event of its kind in ten years. This year’s event in particular proved to have a large attendance of Regulatory Affairs professionals, as well as Pharmacovigilance professionals. With the influx of people looking for new roles, Real Staffing’s Gareth Rose was able to utilise the opportunity of meeting active candidates in person and match four of them with new roles during the three days at the Real Staffing stand. Gareth explained, “Our open, altruistic approach meant that attendees were comfortable to talk openly about career plans, hiring needs, and as such they recognised the benefits of working with Real.”

Upon first impressions, it was evident that a lot of stands at DIA Europe focused on Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs software and translation, highlighting the demand for Regulatory Affairs professionals within the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Real Staffing’s Hemish Ilangaratne, ‘DIA provided a great opportunity to meet with senior professionals within the life science industry across all specialisms The future of certain markets such as digital health is exciting and shows that the industry is continuously evolving’.

It’s clear these markets provide a wealth of opportunities for candidates, and gave Real Staffing’s team a direct opportunity to help support the demands for candidates and clients, using their expert knowledge of these industries.

Key takeaways and the value of face to face networking

We also hosted a networking event at Bar Rouge, allowing clients and candidates to speak with each other about the industry and the latest developments. It also allowed us to gain insight from the experts working within the industry. At Real, we appreciate the value of face to face relationships and relished the unique opportunity to work closely with leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

The biggest takeaway from this year’s DIA Europe event was the focus on big data within healthcare and the potential impact this could have on pharmacovigilance. This has the potential to speed up the drug lifecycle, but could also increase risks.

Arguably, the most exciting topic was the introduction of Artificial Intelligence within the drug lifecycle and patient care. A number of Regulatory Affairs professionals spoke to the team about how this could impact the way the industry performs, as well as how this could benefit healthcare in general by learning to read patient diagnoses.

One of the biggest themes was the rise of contract work due to the UK’s exit of the European Union. With political uncertainty impacting the entire Life Science industry, a lot of companies and professionals are looking to employ more contractors, preparing themselves for potential outcomes.

What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen to the Regulatory Affairs or Pharmacovigilance markets? Are you looking for your next role? Or are you in need of a skilled professional within your business? Get in touch with our market research team today to find out more.

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