Hiring Trends for Clinical Operations and Biometrics

04 Mar 2021

Schaubild zur Darstellung der Digitalsierung im Bereich Life Sciences

AI innovations that could shift our world

03 Feb 2021

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Employment Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry

12 Jan 2021

How have talent trends changed within the medical devices space?

29 Oct 2020

The medical devices space is critical – and now, more than ever before, the world is relying on exceptional talent to discover breakthroughs that have the potential to save lives. In our latest STEM Series event, we spoke with Bernhard Gilbey, CEO at 11 Health; Lee Young, VP Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Caris Life Sciences; Leon Hendra, Senior Director at Real Staffing and Ginnette Harvey, Senior VP at Real Staffing to discuss the changing shift in the demand of skill sets across the medical devices industry.

Manager Stories - Ginnette Harvey - The future of recruitment

12 Oct 2020

Ginnette Harvey has worked with Specialist Staffing Group for more than 15 years. And she’s been a huge part of the success story for Real Staffing in the states. We recently spoke to her about her career accomplishments and what it means to be successful within the recruitment space.

Manager Stories - Jesse Norton - Why a career with purpose is key

06 Oct 2020

As part of our latest series, we’re sitting down with a number of managers at Real Staffing to find out more about the world of recruitment. This week, it’s the turn of Jesse Norton, Associate Director of Contract Sales at Real Staffing.

Update from Gemma Branney, Head of CSR at Specialist Staffing Group

01 Oct 2020

The bottom line is clear – a strong ESG proposition doesn’t weaken a company’s financial position, it strengthens their return. This data clearly demonstrates that that when CR&S is authentically embedded into the fabric and culture of an organization, that business is more likely to be successful.

Using our recruitment skills to help those impacted by the pandemic

20 Aug 2020

Our volunteering initiative supports professionals who have been impacted by the pandemic - hear from Jacob Silverman, the recruitment consultant who started it all.

How to Attract a Recruiter's Attention with Your LinkedIn Profile

29 Apr 2022

Whether you've decided to enter the job market or are just open to opportunities if they come up, LinkedIn is the single best place to get started on your next career move. 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn, connecting hundreds of millions of people with their next interview.

The 8 Top Life Sciences Jobs To Watch

14 Apr 2022

To say that healthcare is evolving would be an understatement. It is undergoing a massive transformation where technology is changing the way we do healthcare and its career possibilities.

Midwest Medical Devices Spotlight

17 May 2022

Join Real Staffing to explore the state of hiring within the medical devices space, and how to bring this niche talent to your organization.

Why the STEM sector is more in demand than ever

20 Jan 2022

We recently spoke about the most in-demand roles in life sciences and the benefits of contract recruitment. Now seems like an excellent opportunity for contractors and permanent employees with these specialist skills and experience.