Executive Search

Our Candidate Service

The core aim of our executive practice is to be the most candidate-centric executive search business in the Life Sciences industry. We won’t just get in touch when we are working on a position you are suitable for, but will build a relationship with you over the long term and help you to develop your skills and progress your career. The three pillars of our Candidate Service Proposition are:

Identifying the Next Generation of Leaders

Identifying potential excites us. You may already be the CEO of your company, or you may be a junior executive working your way up the ladder. Either way, we want to understand your career goals and help you to achieve them. Our in-depth qualification methodology means that we get to know you better than any other executive search business you have worked with. We want to know about your dreams and aspirations, so that we can use our extensive global network to make sure that not only the next step in your career is the right one, but the one after that and the one that follows, until you achieve your ambition. Your success is our goal.

Uncovering the Right Opportunities

A significant number of executive positions never reach the open market, but are filled through existing networks or opportunistic hires. Real will find these positions for you before they disappear, making sure that you don’t miss out. Our two step process is:

  • We work with you to build an effective executive summary that highlights your skills, strengths and potential while protecting your identity.
  • We use our global network to ensure that your summary is brought to the attention of key players in your part of the industry, allowing you to be considered for every opportunity that would be right for you, not just the ones that are available right now.

Developing Your Leadership Skills

To achieve your ultimate career goals, you will have to develop your skills. Real will help you to do that. Our qualification methodology covers not just your technical and soft skills, but your personality type, your natural strengths, your leadership ability and, most importantly, your potential. Once our screening is complete, we will share the results with you and help you to tailor your activities to develop your strengths and suggest ways in which you can compensate for weaknesses. We won't just find the opportunities for you, but make sure that when they come, you are ready for them.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email.