Executive Search for Clients

Our Client Service

Real’s executive practice is not just interested in helping you to fill your next executive role – we want to support you in achieving all of your business goals over the short, medium and long term. Companies in many industries are expressing concerns about succession at the highest level, and we aim to ensure that your objectives aren’t impacted by a lack of leadership. To do this, we want to get to know you and your company, so we can ensure that you bring in not just qualified professionals, but the right individuals for you.
The three steps that allow us to do this effectively are:


The first step in our qualification process is focused on getting to know our clients. We seek to understand your business and personal objectives, your plan to achieve them and any challenges or obstacles you foresee, so that we can support you in building the right team to get there. Once we have done this, and there is a specific search you would like us to conduct, we will perform a 360-degree qualification with all key stakeholders to make sure that expectations are aligned across your existing team. We will then agree the screening process with you to ensure that the information you receive is consistent with what you need. Finally, we can also conduct a personality type and natural strengths assessment on your existing leadership team to ensure that any candidates coming in will complement what you already have in place.


Real’s unique screening methodology is fully customisable to your needs. We employ a six-tiered technique, which uncovers everything you would need to know about the candidate. This is in addition to referencing, which occurs in advance of any shortlist being put together. As a client, you can choose to take advantage of all six tiers, just the basic two (as below), or any combination in between. The tiers are:

  • Technical screening: One of the two basic tiers to ensure that the candidates have the technical ability to do the job.
  • Competency screening: The second basic tier, this step uses example-based interviewing to match the candidates with the competencies agreed in the job specification.
  • Personality type: A useful step in assessing fit with your current team.
  • Natural strengths: Highlights the natural business strengths of the candidates, allowing you to build a complementary team whose diverse talents support each other.
  • Leadership ability: Screening against eight leadership competencies to illustrate how the candidates can help drive your business forward.
  • Potential: A key step in modern talent acquisition, but one often overlooked. As technology and research techniques continue to develop at speed, a candidate’s previous experience alone does not guarantee performance. Our screening against potential means that you will have a clear picture of the candidates abilities to adapt, change and develop.

Supporting Decision Making

Once the above screening is complete, Real will provide a dossier on each shortlisted candidate, detailing the information uncovered. We will also make recommendations about fit with your business, however the ultimate decision is of course yours. We aim to save you as much time as possible while still allowing you to make the right decision about who you bring into your business.