Chemicals and FMCG


Real Life Sciences’ dedicated Chemicals and FMCG division has been working with chemical and FMCG organisations and professionals for over 10 years.

Various types of chemical and FMCG companies turn to us, from Cosmetics, Agrochemical to Nutrition and Fine Chemicals, whose core business is the development, refinement and production of vitamins, household goods, personnel care products or bulk orders for industrial applications.

We work with organisations and professionals across the whole of the chemicals supply chain to recruit the best and brightest talent and to secure chemical jobs for professionals with a proven track record of success within the sector.

Supporting Chemistry

With 34.5 million people employed in the EU-27 countries, the Chemicals and FMCG industry is crucially important to many regional economies. Great diversity exists within this industry. Real´s expertise lies in supporting the most innovative, regulated and technologically demanding sectors. An organisation’s talent is a key asset in building competitive advantage or consistent, high quality supply chains and services.

Real Life Sciences recognises talent: We are able to deliver hard to find in-demand skill profiles, or function specific workforces who work towards your objectives.

Solutions covering all elements

From small specific consultancies, through to the world’s largest manufacturing companies, Real has one of the most far-reaching customer networks. We have built a specialist recruiter network which works across the US, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Singapore.

Whether your business focus is development, manufacturing, research into innovative products or you are a talented individual looking for your next job, Real Life Sciences has the knowledge, expertise and local knowledge to help you in your career path.