Medical Devices

4600: the number of people that found jobs via Real last year

Real Life Sciences’ dedicated Medical devices division has been working with medical device organisations and professionals for over 10 years focusing specifically on class I-III medical devices.

We represent organisations across the whole of the medical devices industry; from companies focusing on designing and developing hearing aids, electrocardiology and ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, to companies designing and developing surgical lasers, ventilators, heart valves, implants, pacemakers, defibrillators.

In fact, we work with organisations and professionals across the whole of the medical devices supply chain to recruit the best and brightest talent and to secure medical devices jobs for professionals with a proven track record of success within the sector.

Helping medical devices companies manage change

With the global medical devices industry estimated to be worth in excess of $250 billion annually and employing hundreds of thousands of people internationally (over 400,000 people in Europe alone), the medical devices sector is a highly dynamic environment which has, and continues to be, typified by change.

Healthcare reforms, regulation changes, industry consolidation, outsourcing of manufacturing and pressure from emerging markets such as Brazil and China have all played a role in the evolution of this highly competitive sector.

As an increasingly regulated industry, companies within medical devices are under greater pressure to balance the focus between innovation and regulation, putting greater emphasis on regulatory affairs and quality assurance. Increased competition from pharma companies moving into medical devices has also put pressure on the availability of these key skills and means that people with highly desirable skill sets are increasingly in demand, so much so that talent migration is becoming the norm.

An agile business for a dynamic industry

From smaller medical device design consultancies through to global leading medical device and pharmaceutical organisations and various parts of the supply chain, Real has one of the world’s most comprehensive medical devices recruitment offerings and the world’s largest network of dedicated medical devices recruiters.

Real Life Sciences has built an international footprint that reflects the needs of this highly dynamic industry and built operations in all of the world’s most competitive medical devices markets. We work with medical devices companies across the US, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and support growth in markets such as Singapore.

So whether you are an organisation specialising in drug delivery, diagnostics, surgical, MRI, medical systems, scientific instruments, medical equipment, orthopaedics, electrosurgical, or a talented individual looking for your next job we have the knowledge, expertise and coverage to help you.