Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Real Life Sciences’ dedicated pharmaceutical and biotechnology division has been working with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organisations and professionals across both sectors since 1998 and since that time has focused on providing added-value recruitment services for companies working within development phases 1 to 4.

We work with large multinational companies, generics and biosimilar manufacturers, small niche biotech organisations, and all parts of the pharma and biotech supply chain, including R&D companies, clinical research organisations, manufacturing companies, marketing and medical communications agencies and regulatory affairs consultancies.

In fact, no matter where you operate within the pharma or biotech sectors we can provide access to the best international talent or introduce you to the world's most highly sought after pharmaceutical jobs and biotechnology jobs.

Helping pharma & biotech companies retain competitive advantage

If there is any constant within the pharma and biotech industries it’s change.

  • The patent cliff is having an increasingly important part in the development of the pharma industry with many of the big pharma companies diversifying into generics, biosimilars and in some cases medical devices.
  • The balance of power between pharma companies and generics manufacturers is also having a major impact on the development of the pharma market and the recruitment of talented professionals internationally.
  • With manufacturing growing at exponential rates within Asia, and India and Brazil becoming increasingly powerful players in the global generics market, global demand for pharma and biotech talent is now more prevalent than ever.

As adaptable as the markets we serve

Real Life Sciences’ success within pharma and biotech recruitment is based on our ability to understand our key markets and develop a business that is focused on supporting our customers as their challenges change and the industry evolves.

Through our work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies internationally and our network of dedicated offices in the US, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia we have built our business and our footprint to support our customers, provide career management services and be a true business partner no matter where in the world they are.

So whether you are focused on developing new drugs, looking to bring a new or existing drug to market, or looking for someone to ensure safety or manage your regulatory affairs, Real has specialists on hand to help you.